Monday, April 11, 2005

Chair man of the bored!

Hubby decided to be industrious on Saturday. He was wiring the shed out back so that it has enough light to perform arterial surgery at midnight. It's only a 12'x20' shed, but has 6 fluorescent lights in the ceiling with 12 electrical outlets around the perimeter, 3 outlets for the exterior and conveniently placed switches to turn everything on. I love this man! He's not much on household duties, a bit of a procrastinator, but when it comes to electrical stuff - he's your man; and he doesn't shoot low. He has thought out pretty much every possible scenario of what the shed may be used for in the future and provided the needed power. Thinking ahead, he also added enough power to the outside to prevent and prisoners from escaping or going over the razor wired fencing. (cue loud German shepherds barking at said prisoners) We do not have a prison, nor will we be performing surgery anytime soon, but we're ready (all we'll need are the sirens).

I walked in on hubby about 98% finished and noticed he continually was getting up and down on an old plastic office chair (instead of going to the garage and grabbing a nice stable ladder). "Sweety, (I usually call him sweety just before I nail him) shouldn't you go get that ladder? I mean, the chair method is going to kill you tomorrow." "Nope, doing fine." (flexing and being all manly) "o.k." (with heavy tones of doubt)

Sunday. S'mee felt like doo doo, but hubby and the family went off to church without a hitch. About 45 minutes later I hear the door open and think, "Hubby came home to check if I am doing o.k.... how sweet!" Clump, shhhhlep. Clump shhhhlep. I can tell he is limping, this can't be good. He's gone and blown out his knee. It seems hubby indeed felt the effects of the chair routine from the day before, but pride kept him from saying I had been right. So he was walking in pain when he left.

Upon arrival at church a young gal noticed hubby walking up from the parking lot and decided she would hold the door for him. According to hubby, she should have just let it shut closed because he was way out there still. But he could tell she was going to stand there and wait for him, so he ran to the door. About two steps before he reached the door he popped the knee, and there you go.

He had to kneel to say a prayer and wanted to just stay there for the duration of the day, but traditionally one is suppose to rise after saying the prayer, so he struggled and made his way back to his feet. His brother noticed the pained expression and knew something was wrong. The jig was up and by the end of the first hour he was dead in the water and had to be drug out of church.

Now he is home -under protest- until I give him the work release. He is doing business over the phone for at least two days. I know he would rather stay on schedule at the office, but I am happy to have him home. Poor miserable bored outta his mind stuck in a chair hubby.

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