Friday, April 08, 2005

PALM reading: "good life line!"

I love my life! #1 for days such as these when I finally wake up without a stupid migraine that robs me of my days and nights.

#2 you ask? For times like this morning when, while waiting for the light to change, I saw Fidel Castro driving the cream coloured '78 Ford pick-up right behind me! Yup, right there- long beard, mustache, Green fatigues - complete with snappy little Army hat. The only thing missing was the cigar. I assume this is because he is vacationing here in my town and understands the restrictions on Cuban Cigars, that and Californians frown on smokers; especially in public places. All in all it was a pretty cool celebrity sighting!

#3 would be a dreamy sighting of another kind: 450 450! thread count PIMA cotton sheet sets at (get this) $56.00!!! WAH-HOO! Also, a terrific little SEGO PALM in a 5 gallon planter for a mere $14.99! (she comes up to my mid-thigh!) CRAZINESS has ensued and S'mee is de de de liri o-us! All this and those sweet little SPA TOWELS - In a very lovely shade of "fog on the beach just before noon" blue! 3@ $9.49 - u-huh!

#4 would be the wonderful guy who says, "Just get me a tub of red licorice and you can get the other stuff too."

My life is good. SWEET!

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