Saturday, April 02, 2005


It's good to be home! Nothing like sleeping in your own bed to give you a much needed rest. I am very blessed to be as old as I am. This means I am finally afforded a nice mattress, a feather bed to cover that and lovely 350 tc sheets (thanks R&G) to snuggle between. A wonderful handmade quilt topped by a thick, downey, and exquisitely heavy comforter! YUMMY! I enjoy my bed so much these days! I am blessed! Mainly I am blessed with a hard working, selfless, and generous husband. Thanks Babe, I love you!

I woke up this morning and went down to the paint store to grab the paint for Monday's job. Last week when I picked up the seed money, Dani informed me that Grampa thought the big boy in the family, "Tommy", is beginning to feel neglected and so he, Grampa, wants to pay to have "Tommy's" room decorated as well.

The plan is to paint the 3 palm trees and 1 monkey in the baby's room. Quickly. Switch gears and transfer all of our attention over to the 10 year old. It's a base ball theme. Last night I dreamed about the room. I will draw up the concepts and hope they all approve. Of course in the dream there wasn't money involved, nor were there any constraints as far as construction. So I am sure there will be adjustments.

After we finish "Tommy's" room it's back to the baby's room for a cool ceiling.

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