Monday, April 04, 2005

mOnkEy bUsIneSs

mOnkEy bUsiNeSs
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Hopefully this will post and also show a picture of the baby's room. This is new for me and I am still trying to get the bugs worked out.

Although my legs are currently in a state of constant cramping and "dancing", I am pleased with the outcome. The photo doesn't show the height of the trees at nearly 11 feet. I barely reached that height on the ladder and was stretching most of the day while standing on tip toe! The trees have more shading than is recognizable in the photo. Leaves have several shades of green that define and outline the leaves. The trunks have shades of greens and browns, and lashings within. The vines were marblized a bit and shaded to show the twisting. The monkey had more shading than is visible and the definition is hard to see as well. Bad photo. Hopefully upon my return next week I can retake the photo and post something more closely resembling what the room actually looks like.

All in all, baby, mommy, and grandmommy were pleased. The boy friend gave approval, but I am not sure how grandpa and big brother feel because I left before they arrived. Cross your fingers for me.

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