Saturday, August 16, 2008


#5 is an English Major with a French minor. Between you and me, she is a book snob. She has particular tastes and anyone who reads "fluff" just make her crazy. Part of her education required her to study "Romanticism" -which she abhors. She would rather sit through a Lawrence Welk revival than to ever have to read and or discuss romantic poetry again.

When I saw the state of one of her bookcases (wobbly!) I thought the best thing to do would be to try to somehow secure it. Limited tools and finances led me to recycle! She handed me a stack of poetry books and there you go! I started the project without her knowledge and got one side completely done before she came home and discovered my creative side. We needed to leave and gather some other things before the stores closed, so her best friend said she would stay behind and work on the book case. She had it almost finished by the time we got back home! I love the way it turned out, it was really cool and for an English major, well, what more could she want than book shelves full of words?

Thanks D! What a great friend!

Click on the photos for a closer look!

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chronicler said...

Pretty cool! Although I must admit that the act of tearing pages from a book and using them as shelf paper makes me shudder, just a bit.

ilovejazz said...

Your ideas are so great! You need your own "make cool things from nothing" show on TV. You'd not only be creative, but you're so dang funny. You'd have a following!

The Hobbit said...

What a great idea.Your creative juices appear to be in high gear.You go girl.

S'mee said...

You didn't hear the screaming on Thursday? Sis you and I both have a hard time with books, but I figured she was going to throw them away(ack!) any way so at least they would go down in infamy!

Jazz, you crack me up, thanks! I don't think my "show" would last more than a week and a half, then I'd be standing there going, "Anyone wanna go get ice cream?" ...which we all know makes huge things out of your thighs. sigh. Can not wait to see you !!!!

Hobbit, stress = high gear! Holy Schmoley though, we had fun!