Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do One Thing! -Project Noah 2

Week Two!

Week 2: 15 Pounds of good wheat.

Hint: People who have small homes with limited storage space should prepare the best they can for emergencies. Basic food items often can be stored in rather limited space. Closets, attics, and space under beds can be used.

It is wiser to have food storage sufficient for only a few weeks or months than to have no storage at all.

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chronicler said...

I just found the most fabulous wheat company! They are committed to non-gmo product!

Montana Wheat

Kristy said...

hat is such good advice. I was just talking t my neighbor about all of the places you could try and store food. It is so hot here it makes it really hard.

S'mee said...

Thanks Sis! I am always looking for a good place to get non GMO products, wheat? Fabulous!

Kristy, thanks! We live in the desert and yeah, I hear you about the heat! Sharing is a great thing, so if you come up with any other ideas let us know!