Thursday, August 21, 2008

Went to the Dentist today

Always think of this while I'm there. Enjoy!

While I was up in Provo with the BY-U kid, I broke a tooth... brushing my teeth. How's that for irony? I called the hygienist (#3) who explained that in older or larger fillings (both apply in my case) the filling expands and contracts and over time this cause a fissure and eventually a crack and then one day while you are actually taking care of your teeth they turn on you and fall out.

So today I saw the doc, who I have to tell you, was fabulous. The best I have ever been to. With Thor's job our dental coverage changes so often we have to find new dentists on a regular basis. It's like playing MineSweeper only with dental insurance. Any who, this new doc was amazing! I never even felt that first needle prick to numb me... a miracle I tell you!

Now as I am typing this my face is still buzzing and my lip is doing Elvis impressions. The only thing that is feeling funky is the place I was chewing on yesterday when a pretzel got me in the wrong place. It's on the other side of my mouth so it didn't get any buzz juice, dang it.

All's well that ends well but that ending will have to wait until the 8th of September when I go back for the rest of the job.

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maren said...

Sorry about the tooth, but glad to hear you had a wonderful dentist. That can make all the difference in my opinion.

I've broken a tooth before. Not fun. I ended up with a root canal that time. In fact, that is the visit that lead to me getting all my old amalgams removed, which I am convinced led to my collapse (mercury). I had my first major paralysis episode one week later. Ah, didn't mean to go down memory lane.

chronicler said...

I went yesterday and didn't have nearly as much fun.I use too much adrenaline when I go and come out exhausted. bleh. Glad you found a good dentist. Hope you can keep him!

S'mee said...

Oh Maren! You know, every time I think about those old fillings we got I wonder if it's time to change them out. Well, this tooth is a start.

Chronicler, yeah I totally get it. My normally low BP was (for me) sky high, 102/54! Yikes! I am fighting going to bed right now (6:30) because I committed to a meeting tonight, ugh, But I tell ya, the minute I get home...

The Hobbit said...

Love little shop of horrors.Don't get me started on mercury.After being in the dental laboratory business for many years I could tell you stories you would not believe but we'll save that for another time. Hubby is still running his lab.sooo we won't go there. Glad you were pleased with the Dr.hope next visit is as pleasant.Root canal is the same as having your bone marrow drained out and then wondering why your bones are brittle.Going to hubby's 50th H.S. reunion this weekend be back in a few days.

S'mee said...

Hobbit! ooooh You so need to spill the goods! This sound like it could be good! Lucky for me no root canal, just a crown.

That bone marrow deal is amazing. #1 -as a child- had to have bone marrow draws twice a year for about 6 years, it was the stuff of torture movies, so difficult to witness and I can not even begin to think of how it must feel. He had another one about two years ago -30yrs.- and the dr. who did this "10 minute in and out" procedure wrote in his chart "I WILL NEVER DO THIS PROCEDURE ON MR. 8$@#^ AGAIN! TO DO SO IS TORTURE ON HIM. HIS BONE DENSITY IS TOO RESTRICTIVE." He has rocks for bones and the procedure took three hours! A year after that the insurance comp required another bone marrow and the dr. refused! The whole thing is a nightmare!