Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Best laid plans...

Well, tonight I was supposed to begin a once a month class on cake decorating. Tonight we were just going over tools and recipes and I panned a small demo to give the ladies attending some "secrets" that I've learned over the years.

Let me preface this by saying as I got in my car to go home at 9:00 in the evening, it was 90 degrees and there were thunderheads with lightning in the distance (read: Heat and Humidity).

Anyone who knows anything about cake decorating knows that heat plus humidity equals disaster; and disaster is what we had tonight! We got a late start, and then the frosting "broke" meaning the heat got to it and the sugars broke down making a nice thin mess. The cake refused to cool down at all, making the thin icing a lava flow of melting buttercream! I was racing to get the darn thing frosted just so we could cut it up and eat it before it slid to the floor!

The gals were really supportive, had a great laugh and promised to come back next month for more instruction. I tell ya, I am ordering some cooler weather for next month's class!

Oh, and the cake in the photo was made a couple of months ago! No such luck when your teaching!

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Alison Wonderland said...

I was thinking that it looked lovely and I didn't know what you were complaining about.

S'mee said...

hahaha yeah they always turn out great when there's no pressure...have an audience where you're supposed to be teaching and whammo! lol oh well!

maren said...

I love the cakes that you decorate. They are so pretty and I am sure delicious. They are lucky to have you to teach them how. Hopefully with better weather next time. We live in prime heat and humidity country so I don't know it would fare here.

Speaking of....I just posted pictures of Reilly's birthday cake. One of our neighbors made it for us. It is a Monster truck cake, naturally. I think it turned out great. Having neighbors who can do this is way better than me trying to do it myself (I don't do stress very well).


Jill said...

I remember that cake. Wasn't that the one that I was going to drive down there to pick up?

Hey, even if the frosting was "drippy" I'm sure it tasted fabulous!

S'mee said...

Oh my heck Jill you have no idea how bad this cake was melting! It was hilarious! But yeah, it tasted awesome! Thanks! : )