Wednesday, August 06, 2008

cupcakes galore!

On top of everything else yesterday I made about 140 some cupcakes. On Sunday, our Relief Society President asked us if we would help her with a non church service project. She is a RN and one of her patients was diagnosed with cancer. He has a small family and a large ranch and works as a fireman. She contacted his station and explained his condition and arranged for all the guys at the station to come and help him out by doing some chores on the ranch.

In exchange for their service she said she would provide them with food and drink. That's where we come in. She asked us if we would chip in and provide salads and desserts.

I volunteered for 70 cupcakes. My cupcake papers are a bit, not much, but a bit smaller than a normal cupcake liner, so I decided to make three different varieties for the guys to choose from.

The first is my "Funky Chunky Monkey Lovin'" a banana infused yellow cake with chunks of real banana, banana pudding, a touch of nutmeg, and topped with chewy - crunchy caramel and crushed nilla wafers. You only need one of these seriously sweet babies!

Second is "Lemon Heaven", a lemon pudding cake topped with a sweet lemon infused buttercream cloud. Refreshing and yummy.

Third is "Uber Chocolate" the super moist dark chocolate cake, a bit of chocolate pudding and topped with a generous swirl of sweet buttercream. So moist I guarantee you will have cake stuck to your fingers!

I think all three of these are best served a bit cold, but hey, take 'em anyway you can get 'em!

The last is a fridge shot of one of the sheets chilling. Thor was sad to see them go, but I left him one of each to eat during the week.

Update: I heard from the organizer today that the cupcakes were a hit with the fire fighters! Yeah!

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Alison Wonderland said...

Wow! That is all.

S'mee said...

Thanks Alison!

The Hobbit said...

Wish you and I were closer on the map. I think we'd have lots of fun playing in the kitchen. The cupcakes are adorable,hope the day was a good one

Boy Mom said...

I'm so impressed, with the variety and flavors. Did the firemen like them? I've got the giggles thinking of big burly firemen,and dainty lemon cupcakes. I'd like the recipes. Can't get enough sweets lately.

Geek+Nerd said...

Mmm those cupcakes look good! To answer your question, yes, I'm going to be opening a studio, but it's not going to be "mine" per-say, because I'm starting a non-profit organization. It's a complicated matter, because I have no start up capital really, but I'm hoping to get all the planning squared away this year so that I can have classes in the 2009-2010 school year.

S'mee said...

Hobbit, I wished we lived closer too! Although I think you would have more fun with my sis, she actually knows what she's doing! Thanks! : )

Boy Mom, thanks! I have no clue if the guys like them or not, I had to just drop them off and head out on the road. Shoot me an e-mail (top right) and I'll send you the recipes. : )

Kristy said...

Ok- can I say that you can come do service at my house anytime! Yum

S'mee said...

geek+nerd, I am SO excited, I think whatever you put your mind, heart and talent into will be fabulous! Thanks for telling me!!!

kristy, thanks, hey you and I need to get together to decide on paints (said that, but I'm on the road...I'll call ya)

Rynell said...

Those look so yummy!

S'mee said...

Thanks Rynell!