Friday, August 22, 2008

Dead Man's Point

"Well, the last thing I remember, Doc,
I started to swerve
And then I saw the Jag slide into the curve
I know I'll never forget that horrible sight,
I guess I found out for myself that everyone was right
You won't come back from Dead Man's Curve..."a

So, can you come back from Dead Man's Curve?

I couldn't sleep so I decided what the hey, get up and go do something. So I got dress and headed out to Dead Man's Point to shoot some rock and boulder shots.

Back in the day our #1 used to go out there to rock climb with his buddies and the other kids in the family. They climbed all over those silly things and once in a while I would go out and try to get cool angles of them hanging from their ropes high above the desert floor.

Some of the rocks had access to the top via an easy foot trail so I would hike up there and get shots from the top down on them, those were nice also, plus folks would always ask if I took them, "yes" I'd reply, leaving out the fact that I didn't have to climb the face of a boulder to get there. ; )

Any way I got there a bit before the sun was able to get up over the mountains and so some of the shots are darker than I'd hoped for. I had to wait about an hour before I got in a good sun shot. Note to self: "You can stay in bed longer than you think and still get a clean shot!"

The desert was pretty hazy this morning. I noticed as I was driving away and northwest out of town that it was time for the local high school to start and all kinds of (kids I presume?) cars and trucks were just four wheelin' it (hard I might add) through the desert towards the high school. No roads, just across the desert at a full run kicking up a cloud of dust that reached far and high across the whole of the valley sky, bummer actually. But fun for them I guess. I can't remember being that anxious to get to class.

See that one picture of the boulders with the "hole" and the wires running through the shot? I always think that looks like a face, the hole being the eye. (that guy's got a bad case of "cauliflower ear".)

I guess I won't answer the question of the day as I wasn't any where near Dead Man's Curve, but as far as Dead Man's Point is concerned, yup, you can "come back" just fine.

a - Jan and Dean's Dead Man's Curve

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chronicler said...

Nice pics!

S'mee said...

thanks! thought about calling you at crazy-early-a.m. but then decided, probably not a good idea! : )

Rynell said...

My kids would climb all over these rocks too.