Friday, March 21, 2008

what's happening today...

Well, I have tried to post a video on dying easter eggs naturally, but to no avail! WAH! So instead I want you to go here and watch the's awesome. I am mid way through the process and will post photos when I'm finished.

So today is Easter egg dying with beets, onions, and spinach, etc. and also making a couple of cakes to donate to the girls in our ward so they can earn money for camp. I'll post photos of them later also.

Yesterday I went to a small home class to learn this gal's "World (or at least ward) famous Orange Rolls" really yummy. So hopefully I can get that up for you as well.

See you soon!

Oh yeah, the missionary lunch. hmmm. A few glitches. Like the ovens at the church not exactly working as designed, so casseroles took HOURS to heat through instead of, like, 30 minutes! Ack! We we're able to pull them out just in the nick of time (thank you, long winded speaker man) and let me tell you, those missionaries could eat! We had absolutely nothing leftover. not one crumb! Fabulous!

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