Friday, March 14, 2008

Latest Project

O.k. So I'm writing this after a long day, 9:30 and I am just walking in the door.

Here's the gig: We're expecting approximately 700+ women for a inspirational musical presentation, 2 90-minute performances, Friday night and Saturday morning. We have a professional trio of women who sing, dance and perform who are willing to come on their dime and do this for us FOR FREE!

WE are very excited to say the least. So for the last year or so we have planned and prepped and tomorrow is the first big day.

This morning I went shopping with an other gal for the dinners and lunches we are providing. We're making crescents filled with home made chicken salad with grapes, celery, craisins, and poppy seeds. A side dish of "frog eye" salad, chips, celery and carrot sticks, a bottle of water and a double chocolate brownie. All home made from scratch. I prepped the celery today, and the other gal prepped the grapes.

Tonight we met down at the building. We put up a false ceiling and wall drapes of chiffon, a platform stage, and 400 chairs covered with chair drapes that go to the floor, and came home to collapse until tomorrow.

Tomorrow (which, when you read this will be today) we'll meet and begin cooking. Broil chicken, chop, blend, mix, fill... and feed 400 women! Once the performance begins I will be taking photos of the event.

On Saturday we'll do it all over again, then tear down, and drive our performers to the airport.

Sunday, if all goes well and I am still alive, I'll post photos.

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Red said...

wow! that sounds cool... have a good time :-)

Susan M said...

That's a lot of work! I'm sure it'll be appreciated. Have some fun in there too!

chronicler said...

Then go try and get a job as an event planner!

S'mee said...

red, you should be at this event Saturday, 10, Ridgecrest Bld. or if it is more convenient, 7 on Friday night...try to make it!

Susan, It was last night! Ack! I'm getting to old to set up 400 chairs! lol Thanks!

Chronicler, been there, done that, sort of! I keep trying to bring what I did in the weddings (etc), to the table. Sometimes they take it, sometimes they don't. : >

Lisa M. said...

The effort, you go to is amazing.

I really do appreciate your work, from afar.


Sounds, really neat.

S'mee said...

Thanks Lisa! Our goal was to (#1, get them there!) give them something special. We are trying to find a way to mix it up, so that each event they come to they will come to expect being treated to something amazing, but never knowing what to expect.