Tuesday, March 04, 2008

sentimental things

Thor and I were married very young (18 and 19). The year before we were married Thor worked at a drive through dairy and was beginning to work with a small mom and pop electrical contractor mostly climbing through attics filled with asbestos and rat dung or digging ditches for the top guys so they could lay pipe in the ground.

Thor saved for months and eventually purchased three rings, one small diamond for an engagement ring and two gold bands as wedding rings. All three totaled $90.00. This was a huge amount of cash for Thor at the time and I was extremely happy to see the shine and glimmer on my hand. As time went by we thought of buying bigger and better bands, but a house came, and then carpeting, and then, and then, and pretty soon there just wasn't a good time to purchase something so frivolous.

Two years ago Thor took me out for my birthday and let me choose a pearl, my favourite gem, and also a setting to put it in. I was literally sick for the rest of the day thinking of the sacrifice he was making and also giddy inside to have the perfect ring for me, 'cause yes, I am like every other girl on the planet and I like pretty things. Every time I look down at my hand and see that ring I think of Thor and how hard he has worked over the years to give us all the things he has. I know how difficult it is for him to do "silly" things, things that are impractical, his main goal has always been for us to be secure. There is much more sentiment and value in this ring than in many I have seen on other women. I know of several women who, very early in their marriage, have lost their rings or decided they wanted to trade up and hubby just went out and bought a bigger one without either party giving it a thought. It was "just a ring." This was my wedding ring. We had been married for 30+ years. This was big for Thor, and for me, and I love my ring for all these reasons.

I remember being almost physically sick because I understood the cost of this ring. Sentiment aside, we could have bought a fridge for the cost of this ring. We could have repaired things around the house, we could have finished a few projects. And instead of doing all of those things, Thor decided that he wanted me to have this "silly" thing. I don't know if I am explaining this in the right way, you really need to know him to know why this was such a big deal to me.

After the recent get together with the other local bloggers, I noticed that I was missing both my wedding ring and another ring. My heart sank.

After retracing my steps I concluded that "I left them in the hotel restroom, and more than likely they would be picked up by someone else and I will never see them again."

The gold one is worth about $30.00, no biggie. Yes I really like this ring, but I wear fake jewelry for a reason, if they get lost I don't get emotional or feel guilty.

The pearl ring however had too much sentiment. Although it too isn't worth much in real jewelry standards, I can tell you it would more than likely not be replaced. The cost aside, it broke my heart to think I had lost it because it took so long to get it and because Thor had put so much of himself into it.

Saturday morning I called down to the hotel and asked for Lost and Found. The conversation was somewhat confusing as I tried to describe my rings. "One silver, with a large white pearl and small diamonds above and below, and baggets one the sides. The other a rather large CZ stone, pear shaped in a plain gold band." The woman on the other end told me they had two rings, one gold the other silver, but the silver one had pearlS, more than one, and surrounded with large diamonds, the gold one was also large diamondS. Yikes. I headed down first thing hoping against hope that somehow they had my rings, and that our communication was just off.

I got there and sure enough they were my rings!

I am sure whoever saw them probably took one look at them and could size up their value in a heart beat. I am very thankful they decided that out there in the world, a stranger would be heart broken however, if they were never returned. So thank you dear finder of lost things! Thank you for turning them in. If I could find you I would tell you how much they mean to me and how happy you made me by making sure I was reunited with them. Bless you!

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Rynell said...

I am soooo glad you found your rings! I was on the edge of my seat until the resolution.

S'mee said...

Rynell, Thanks! I was crying like an idiot in the lobby when I saw them! Great show for the guests! lol

chronicler said...

I understand completely. In fact I got all misty during your thank you. I love that there are still people out there that take no thought in doing the right thing. There wasn't any analyzing, just the right thing.

I am glad you got them back. The tremble in your voice Saturday morning was not missed either. I worried about it until I spoke with you later in the day. In fact, I knew you wouldn't replace them and had visions of trying to figure out a way to replace them without you knowing that I had done it.

Happy days!

Red said...

That is so wonderful. It's hard to believe that there really are few good people still around who can "go do the right thing".

Susan M said...

Phew! I'm so glad you got them back! Way to keep us in suspense!

I'm not sentimental about rings and don't even like jewelry, so I was really surprised when my husband seriously freaked out over losing his wedding ring at work once. He found it fine, but he went on and on about how his coworkers didn't understand why he was so upset about it. I didn't say it, but I was thinking, "I don't really either." Haha.

We got married, young, too, and didn't spend more than $50 on our rings.

S'mee said...

Thanks everyone, really. I don't don't why we are all so astounded at someone being honest, that's a sad commentary! But Yea! Thanks Sis, I know your heart is always in the right place. Susan, I am usually that way about this kind of stuff, but if you knew Thor and what this meant to *him*...well, that's when I lost it! (no pun intended!) And Red, they made my day! Speaking of which...we have a very large envelope from your alma mater....hmmm wonder what that could be! Come on by anytime, although give a call first, we have, for the first time in, well ever, begun to lock our doors.

Jamie J said...

I'm so glad you found your rings! Mine is not all that fancy but I know that if I had lost it I would be so sick to my stomach knowing that I had lost something that means so much.

S'mee said...

Jamie I completely understand! I was nauseous and a mess! SO glad it's over!

The Pea said...

I know for a fact that my wedding ring is on water street in downtown Henderson NV. I am so glad you found yours There is not a week that goes by that I don't miss mine.

BethGo said...

Oh! That's so nice that you got them back. Most people have good hearts.