Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork, Utah

Photos from the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The day we went the free yoga class was being held, but we were welcomed by Justin, who invited us to look around and ask questions.

They offer free tours everyday, just not during class or special ceremonies. Even with the class, we were invited to go ahead and check out the upper level, just be respectful and don't disturb those learning. It was beautiful and peaceful, and definitely worth your time. We were told this was the largest Krishna Temple in the U.S.

We were also told that "Hindu or Hindi" isn't really a polite term, actually derogatory, and they prefer to just leave those words at the door. Good to know.

The lower level houses an entry, a gift shop, the vegetarian buffet and small informational displays as well as large and small gods and deities. The staircase takes you upstairs to a beautiful room, used for classes and ceremonies (I presume, as it was the more decorated/ornamented and elaborate). The ceiling is painted with faux clouds and looks very pretty. We didn't get further than the top of the stairs, so that is about all I can tell you.

Out side you can roam about the ground level inside and out and even out to the grounds where they farm llama, cows, peacocks and other animals. The kids can interact with them for a very small fee, however you can see them very well without a fee. There is a pond, pavilion and other special architectural features. (writing this now I can see where an actual tour would do very nicely.) You can also access the upper level via the stairs in the front of the temple and walk around the entire second level deck, over look the entire landscape, hear the animals and take in the incredible views.

The exterior of the building has intricate castings to symbolize the meaning of this ancient religion. There are columns with lotus blossoms and scroll work. Please take a moment to go to the link and look through the galleries and grounds links for more information. There is much I am leaving out!

The public is welcome year round and during special events, holiday celebrations, and weddings etc.

The tours are free, the food and gifts are extremely inexpensive, and the volunteers friendly and informative. Check it out if you are in the area.

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melissa c said...

Wow! I ha no idea something like this even existed in Utah. It IS very beautiful.

It is something I would love to see. Thanks for the info and the pictures.

Susan M said...

Crazy! And really cool. Great photos.

chronicler said...

Okay so Hindu and Hindi are disrespectful. What is the proper terminology to use? Nice pics.

Rynell said...

I've driven by this many, many times. Now I may just have to have a tour.

And I am also wondering if they told you the proper terminology? Are they just called Krishna?

Why can't I remember this term from my world religions class?

S'mee said...

Thanks everyone, it was really interesting.

Evidently the Hindu/Hindie reference came as "the people who lived on the other side of the border" with a negative tone. The word being a mispronunciation of a proper word (sorry, can't recall). Then it took off from there. It was more of derogatory mocking than a cute nickname.

Long story short: Krishna is fine. As far as I understood (which could be wrong)"Krishna" seemed to apply to the religion, the people, and also the gods.

Either way check out their website (according to one gal there THE best website for Krishna! [in a 'smackdown' kind of tone, lol]) There is a TON of info to sort through and could take several hours to navigate!

the middle hip sister said...

Beautiful!!!Wow...that's an amazing site! And I'm a wee bit jealous of your adventures!

S'mee said...

MHS, I'll explain why we were n UT *probably* Monday. A fun and quick trip, but always for a purpose. THANKS for commenting! : ) I live for comments, especially from the hip sisters!