Sunday, March 02, 2008

SoCAL Blogger Meet and Eat: INVITE INFO

Alrighty then!

Seems I missed a few folks while perusing the blogs listed in SoCAL. I didn't mean to leave folks off the guest list, it just happened. sigh. This is another reason I may not be a good party thrower. (Wow, no red underline...thought for sure 'thrower' would get something in spell check. Maybe it's more of a grammar check thing.) I am by no means "popular" or into hanging with the popular kids for fun and profit. (I'm more of a Rodney King personality. You know, "Why can't we all just get along?") Heck, I was the poster girl for "loner" in high school and frankly, adulthood ain't faring much better. It was just a mis-step on my part. Sorry.

So if I missed you, and you want to be invited next go round, drop a line in the ol' S'mee Mail Box to the right, and make sure to put SoCAL Blogger in the subject header. I will put your letter in a special file and next time we tear it up, I'll send you the info and invite.

There. Balls in your court! Peace out.

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chronicler said...

So you're throwing another party??!!!

S'mee said...

C, yu didn't know??? Yes! Your house, Tuesday at 10! lol

Well, eventually yes. I think we had such a great time we should do this again pretty soon. So I'm sending it out to the universe.

chronicler said...

What I'd love to see next time: have it at the beach. Fire pit in the evening, BYOF and as many friends as possible. Also everyone needs to bring some wood.

Jamie J said...

That sounds like a great idea!

S'mee said...

Chronicler, your idea sounds really great! You know me, How can I turn down the beach?

Jamie, It would be so great to have you there!

Susan M said...

Let's do it at Huntington Beach. :)

colleeeen said...

harrumph. i'm going inactive and i no longer believe in anything because a stranger didn't invite me to her mini bloggerfest. ;)

S'mee said...

Susan, you're on!

QUICK! Someone get the missionaries over to Colleeeen's!