Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Got any good ideas for S'mee?

While I wait for some unsalted butter to thaw I am blogging!

In a few weeks I will have charge of my two little boys for a few days, what to do? Well, I am gearing up for "Gramma Camp!"

Mommy and daddy will be attending a wedding with their brand new baby sister (crossing fingers she arrives on time!) so we'll have sleep overs and other fun. Gramma has been busy preparing all sorts of fun. But I need more! This is where you come in! The following are some ideas I already have, but I need more, HELP! Please read through and then in the comments give me some of your successful ideas for fun with toddlers!

There are new "Gramma Camp" outfits (post is coming on this project -soon!).

First day at camp we'll be planting some flower seeds. Some to stay at Gramma's and some to take home! Also, starting some sprouts to put in salads and sammiches!

I want to have some cookie dough ready made and in the freezer so the little guys can bake their favourite -raisin oatmeal cookies. (making dough this afternoon!)

We'll be taking a few field trips, the trout farm, the rescue zoo, perhaps a museum or two.

Scissors! We're going to make a few crafts! A wind sock, a wind chime, and maybe a kite. (can you tell it will be windy while they are here?)

We're going to play with plastic straws and learn some fun science tricks! We'll see how blowing through a straw can make things move, make cool bubbles, and how you can lift a piece of paper with a straw and your mouth, and then when we're all done experimenting we can cut the straw and make a necklace.

We're going to make magnet cars and have a race!

One day will be spent under a tent in the living room where we'll build a fort with blankets. Picnic time and fun games, reading books and singing camp songs!

Fruit Loops and Cheerios will help us count, give us wheels for a cookie car, and help us with our aim as we line them up on marks, string them, drop them into holes and and match them by colour! When we're done with them we'll add some M&Ms and raisins and have a snack!

Gramma is finding cool family photos to make finger puppets with; and also a 'concentration' type of matching game.

Gramma will also prep "magic paintings" for the boys. I'll take a wax candle and draw a 'secret' picture on paper and when they paint over it the wax will resist the paint and show the surprise!

We'll 'paint' the porch and sidewalk with water. If the weather is warm enough I plan on a water balloon toss and other water games.

I have some wood blocks for making simple cube puzzles, and photo puzzles.

This is about all I have planned so far. If anyone has cool games or activities for little boys ages 2 and 4, PLEASE put in a comment! I will thank you ahead of time! Thanks!!!

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Susan M said...

Wow, what an awesome grandma you are!

This might sound stupid, but a paintbrush and a bucket of water can be fun. On concrete, outside, or on large rocks, inside.

Also, spraybottles, for the water fight.

Susan M said...

Whoops, you already covered the water paint. Ha. If anything else comes to mind I'll be back.

S'mee said...

Susan, Thanks for trying! lol

Jamie J said...

Sounds like you got enough to me! Have fun!!

The Pea said...

Okay, this costs money but it may be fun, There is a new thing in the world of play dough it is called Moon Sand, it is so cool, it is sand you can mood into anything and it stays put. My kids play for hours.

OOBLECK equal parts cornstarch and water, as long as you move it it stays solid then if you stop it runs through your fingers.

I also have a good play dough recipe you make with koolaide let me know if you want it.

Do a solid color lunch cheese sandwiches with carrots and oranges.

I will post more if I can think of anything.

S'mee said...

Jamie, no! I will have these little people for DAYS!!! 8 0 meaning I am going to need lots of activities all day long or they'll revolt! lol So if you have more ideas please share!

Lisa M. said...

Ah Smee. these things sound SO darn fun.

I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

I do have one idea, I'll have to post a picture, I am not at all sure how to describe it.

Take a knee high, fill with dirt. So you have a potato size mound in the top of the stocking. Tie it off, but don't cut off the excess nylon. Fill plastic cup with water, and balance potato head on top. Then add movable eyes and a face. Mix grass seed with small amount of water, and smear on the top.

You'll have a cute little Mister potato head, that has hair ( you can do a beard too) that grows!

They are fun.

Other than that, I seriously don't know. I haven't had youngsters for a VERY long time !

chronicler said...

Edible playdough. Equal parts honey, non-fat dry milk and peanut butter. Mix together well, and if it is too sticky, add a bit of flour knead well and play. And eat!

S'mee said...

Pea, Moon Sand sounds really cool! Got the oobleck, and the other ideas are great! THANKS!

Lisa I am so going to make a Mr. Potato Head! (who thinks up this stuff?) lol

EDIBLE(!)playdough! Cool! Thanks Chronicler!

Rynell said...

I hate to rain on the parade, but Moon Sand is banned at my house. It is evil. It's like having sticky sand all over the floor, furniture, little people, toliets, door knobs and soap. Yes, it even sticks to a bar of soap. I guess if you played with it outside and hosed off the kids completely nekkid out of doors....you might be alright. But I'll venture a guess some of that stuff will follow you back inside.

Play dough (Pay-doh brand or homemade) is much, much better than Moon Sand. We also like real modeling clay, but toddlers may be a bit young for the real thing.

My youngest enjoyed painting a few cutout sections of egg cartons and making "caterpillars" to which we attached googly eyes and twisty pipe cleaner antennae.

My kids also really like scavenger/treasure hunts...themed ones are fun.

Watercolors are also great fun. My kids started using them around age 2-ish. The Crayola ones are plenty fancy for little tykes.

have fun!

S'mee said...

oooh Thanks Rynell! Always good to have a second opinion! I thought about caterpillars too! : >

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm too late, but my toddlers have always loved dress-up--even my son (pirates were his favorite) Cardboard boxes are a big hit, too, to make into tunnels, forts, treasure boxes (maybe make a treasure map to follow with some fun surprise at the end), animal cages.

Have fun with the grandkids. You sound like the best grandma ever.