Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rage Against the Machine

I have found the secret to large blog hits...
Creative blog titles! Yup, go against your natural instincts and label your next post something that borders on anything illegal or perhaps tongue in cheek references for sub cultures of any kind and your hits go way up!
So kids, let your mind go, spin a few words and you'll never know who shows, just don't expect the hits to be from mommy bloggers or those artsy friends of yours.
My thanks to my six regular readers and to all you new readers who came looking for your old friend Mary J, welcome!

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chronicler said...

so weed got 'em 'eh? heh.

Maren said...

That's funny. Are you still vacationing?

s'mee said...

CHronicler...oh yeah, I got five times the hits on that post than I normally do!!! Next week I need ot figure out a way to post about Crack Cocaine!

Maren, Thanks, lol it drives me crazy! lol Not still vacationing, just still putting up the photos to make me feel like I am! lol

Lisa M. said...

What kind of machine are we raging against?


You're so much fun~!

You are right, I don't think it was me that you called! I WAITED ALL DAY. *grin* (kidding)


Adán said...

Hey, why not go for broke. You just got back from a trip. Dress it up. Turn yourself into a superHERO. Talk about the experiences on the ROAD. Call it "Black Tar Heroin". Let's see what kind of results that one gets!!

s'mee said...

Lisa, yeah I called, I think I have the wrong number. If you want a call from me, send me your number! The above machine is in the Ethel M. chocolate factory and the day the photo was taken the machine had "malfunctioned" and chocolate was everywhere (or so they told me). Workers were busy that day, not making chocolates, but cleaning the room!

Adan, LOL! Ok it's official, you are now in charge of my headlines! I love this idea and I just may make it one of my next blog posts!