Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Carlton's log, California Aqueduct

The California Aqueduct along the 215 near the little city of Lone Pine. Thor had a business (loop) trip that took us passed Lee Vining and down through Death Valley. Yeah, that was fun.

The first day we stopped where this photo was taken. We have stoppped by the aqueduct several times, and actually live (albeit a more southern region) very close to it... however I have never seen it so empty. Normally the water is at the top of the bank, as you can see by the water mark. This was very low. However, the cliff swallows seemed to find the mud to their liking and were making nests all under the bridge.

After this, we headed for (one of the many named) Cottonwood Canyon, this one (obviously) near Bishop. More on this adventure next post.

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chronicler said...

Yeah, a lot of people attirbute it to a drought. Instead I think it's all in the big scoop aka Domenigoni lake in my neck of the woods. And to think it will only with stand a 7.5 earthquake. Can we say drought and flood?

Lisa M. said...

I have always marveled at the California Aqueduct.

Drought and Flood. YIPES.

Good heavens.

s'mee said...

tick tick tick