Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carlton's log, June Lake Loop, Silver Lake Resort

Peeking out of the window from the Silver Lake Resortgives the diner a spectacular view of the mountains, a brook that runs by the the window, under a road and into the lake, and beautiful tress, birds and serene campers.

A view of the lake with it's pristine glass like surface. Other diners were over heard conversing about the lack of good fishing this early in the season, however the scenery can't be beat...and lousy cell coverage makes for the perfect getaway.

Spires from the trees invite your eyes heavenward and into the clouds.

A mirror on the water, a row of boats and happy fishermen abound.

The mountains above the timber line.

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Lisa M. said...

I haven't ever been there- WOW- looks really neat !

Kim Carney said...

gosh, that is gorgeous!

s'mee said...

Lisa and Kim, Thanks and I KNOW! This place is gorgeous! Hard to take a bad photo there!