Friday, June 01, 2007


Meringues. Yum.

Last night I was part of a meeting of over 80 people. I was part of the leadership for that meeting and art of my responsibilities also included making part of the refreshments. We wanted "light" cookies that would compliment sherbet. I chose meringues.

The photo shows these much darker than they were in actuality, but in all honesty they were cream coloured and should have been snow white. It didn't matter in the taste, they were a hit, fabulous, yummy and yes, light!

Preheat oven to 200.

2 egg whites. Beat until stiff.
Add 1/2 cup ultra fine sugar, beat in.

Line a cookie tin with parchment paper. (I used a silpat, didn't work...use the paper)

Put the egg fluff in a pastry bag fitted with a tip. For the flowers I used a large writing tip, for the "onion heads" I used a LARGE flower tip.

Squish out your cookie onto the paper, place the tin in the oven and set your timer. For the flowers I set 15 minutes, for the "onion heads" I set 30. The cookies are done when they are still white (blushing from embarrassment), set, and n their way to being dry.

Now, if you pull them out too soon they can be spongy and marshmallow-y, but in all fact they can be that way when they are done also. Timing is the only tricky thing here. If they are really done, they will have a slight bounce to the touch, white and will finish drying as they cool. Hence the confusion and creamy colour of my cookies.

Carefully pull them off the cookie sheet and let them cool on the paper on a rack or the counter. You will hear them release from the paper with a snap or crackle whisper. If they stick anyway, just peel the paper from them rather than pulling the cookie off the paper...they tend to break if you have fragile cookies. The "onion heads" just pop right off either way.

You can add colouring prior to cooking, or sprinkle and sugar afterward. Use diluted karo or egg white as glue if you need to.

There you go. Enjoy.

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chronicler said...

Those turned out cute! There you go again being all cool and stuff. :-)

s'mee said...

yeah that's The first batch actually was very cute, too cute for grown up Relief Society ladies. I used the writing tip and made long stemmed daisies,(the idea to put them in clear vases on the table like bouquets) then sprinkled the stems in lime green sanding sugar and the petals and center with pinks, yellow and orange...coma inducing cute. So then came just plain white daisies, still too much for old ladies, so I went to the onion heads. Oh well. Thanks sis, I'm always nervous posting food in the presence of genius.

chronicler said...

Puhleeeeze! The daisies sound cute. I would have used them at the table decorations and killed two birds!

Lisa M. said...

I'm lucky to cook after I read-


They look yum ,and I hope people appreciate you-

Thanks for the comments on my blog- I am still here, just in pilot mode, for a bit-

Maren said...

Yummy. Thanks for the recipe on my blog. I am definitely going to try that one. Thank you.

melissa c said...

What talent! For some reason, fancy cooking really intimidates me.

Id rather just buy them!

I envy those of you who truly know the art of homemaking.

s'mee said...

thanks everyone! and please please try these cookies...SUPER easy, c'mon...2 ingredients!!!!
if you don't have a pastry bag you can actually just spoon the babies out onto the paper (which unfortunately really does help, but you can pick it up at the grocery store). have fun! eat cookies! YUM!