Friday, June 01, 2007

in praise of cheapness

I was in charge of putting together a "thank you" basket for three presentors at a meeting the other night and was given a budget of $10 each.

I was excited when I walked into Michael's and found their $1.00 rack full of Mary Engelbreit !

I found a package of blank note cards, a small photo album, two different pads of sticky notes, a small tin, and also some non M.E. items: four red votive candles anda glass votive, a small spool of red satin ribbon with "Best Friends" embossed on it, a three inch rubber stamp of hearts and the words "my heart", a small heart punch, and I added three Lindt truffles.

I packaged it all in a clear plastic "Chinese" take out container, wrapped it up with a pretty bow and ribbons, and added a thank you note with a cute red daisy flower magnet.

It looked pretty good for ten bucks. I was happy.

Moral of the story: If you have to throw something together quickly and make it look like you spent more than you did, try the dollar stores at Michael's, Target, and well the dollar stores.

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Maren said...

I did a cross stitch of Mary Engelbreit's There's No Place Like Home illustration. It turned out really nice. I gave it to my mother in law. Here's a link to the picture--

Sounds like fun shopping.

Maren said...

Ok, so the link didn't work. Anyway, it is in the archives on May 15, 2006. I'm trying again (with my computer husbands help)

Try this

chronicler said...

Cute. Now I have to go to Michaels!

Mark said...



...this is a girl thing, right?



s'mee said...

Maren, wow, that is amazing! So much work!
Chronicler, yeah, I'll meet you there...they have silk trees at 40% off (here's to living in the silk jungle)
Mark, um, kind of! Most women like M.E., most women love Michaels, and most women get stuck doing goofy projects on a limited budget, so the combination was great! lol

Lisa M. said...

Ah beautiful-