Thursday, June 07, 2007

Carlton's log, Death Valley

Thor and I have been on this trip before, years ago, however back then, as we drove along this section of the road we were surprised...

Seems that this canyon, which is much deeper than it appears in the photo, is used by the military as training for aircraft. Imagine a full sized jet zooming through this canyon at super speed. The jet, at times I am told, must fly on its' side to avoid crashing into the sides of the canyon walls. Yikes.

Anywho, we were driving along on our way to Death Valley and when we got to this point in the road a jet flew directly in front of us about 100 yards and about 100 feet off the ground, swoosh! right across the highway and down into the canyon! I was scared to death it was so fast and such a surprise! But after the initial shock we could see it fly far from us now and down and away. Soon afterwards and as we had made the corner up the road a way we pulled into a spot to look over and into the canyon and swoosh! again! Here came another jet! It was so cool! I don't think timing gets too much better than that. This time, not such good luck.

Another look down the road that leads into Death Valley from the Owens River side.

It's said that Pup Fish are ancient and the only place they survive is in Death Valley in these shallow "riverlets". Thor took a stroll down the board walk to see what all the fuss was about and actually saw some of the inch long ageless wonders. He was very impressed and lectured me about how cool they were and how I missed seeing them. I was HOT and refused to walk the half mile to see an inch long old fish. Sorry.

And finally the Death Valley addition to "Lost Soles".

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Sally said...

s'mee, it seems as if you're never home! When do you do all of this traveling? The jet story was VERY cool. By the way, I really like your ASL dictionary link. I had to teach the Primary "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" in sign language and used that site. I never knew it existed. Now it's one of my bookmarks.

s'mee said...

Sally, Thanks! First we do travel a lot lately! Mostly just around here, but often to cooler places...Thor's job now.

ASL... did you know that the church has a ASL dictionary? Way cool, even scriptures and manuels on dvd/tape.