Thursday, June 14, 2007

For Ms. Flakes, some Crackers

I have been meaning to post on these yummy crackers for a time now. The Hygienist found them in the local market and fell in love.

I admit to being hesitant at first (I have actually tried ALL BRAN cereal and frankly, it turns to goo in 1.8 thanks!) These are not only really tasty, but CRuNCHy! Our favorite way to eat then totally removes all traces of healthful goodness; scooped into a nice bowl of cream cheese and homemade chili sauce! However, even Thor has been seen sneaking into the pantry and downing a couple of crackers as he walks through the kitchen.

Diet Pepsi and a bowl full of All-Bran crackers... it's the best snack in our house lately. Oh and by the way, they come in Ranch Flavor also...YUM!

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Amber said...

I saw those at the store and almost picked them up- I will next time now. Thanks!

s'mee said...

Amber, thanks for coming by, and yup...these are well worth the price, yum!