Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Springtime in Paris

I found this article on sk*rt!

I wish everyone to read it. At last someone who has a spin on the whole celebrity lifestyle which is finding its way trickling down even to us plain folks.

Trust me, it's a good read and good advice for all of us.

Jamie Lee Curtis

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Maren said...

Wow. That was some article. Parenting is a pretty touchy issue for me. I pray and plead that I will be a good mother to Reilly and teach him what he needs to know. His early childhood has been anything but *normal* and I have not been able to be the typical, nurturing mother that I so long to be. I pray that my efforts will be enough. I'm not complacent though. I'm always trying to teach and instill the good habits that will help (family night, family prayers, scripture study, etc.). I wonder if every mother feels as inadequate as I do? I always wonder if I am doing the right things and enough of them. I wonder if he will grow up to be what I hope for him even despite the crazy situation we have been in for so long. In an odd way I am comforted by the feeling that he is getting exactly what he needs. That he is learning things he could not learn had I been healthy and functional for the past few years. I hope that I am being some sort of example to him and that he is learning from this situation and not hurt by it.

Didn't mean to spout all of that, it just kind of came tumbling out. Lots of thoughts that roll around my head.

Yolanda said...


s'mee said...

Maren, I think every good parent wonders if they are on the right track. We worry and read and fuss and pray...hard! I really believe that children come to us with a certain Spirit already and yes, there are some kids that just have their own will and reject everything they have been taught. SOme for the better, some for the worse.

Mainly though I think you hit it on the head with your steadfast desire to nurture. I think all children just want to know and feel that they are loved for being who they are. I think Rielly is "the happiest kid" because above all else in his little life he feels secure and loved.

Whose to say what "normal" is other than just being safe and loved?


Maren said...

Thank you S'mee.