Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Black Tar Heroine

lol, I have to thank Adan for the post title...which I love! (c'mon stat counter! lol) Let me explain, last Saturday Thor and I had a lovely day down in San Diego with #1 and his lovely wife touring the Midway. (More on that trip soon!)

The day was long and by the time we returned home it was well into the 10:00 hour. We had just walked in the door when the phone rang. Phone calls past the 9:00 hour are always bad news and this rang true that night. #5 was in severe pain and the family she was living with called and were asking for permission to take her to the E.R.

Thor, #3, myself and even our house guest hopped in the car and headed for the BY-U. (The house guest was going to take a bus to St. George the following morning so we thought we could help her save some money by just dropping her off at her destination as we drove through. Yeah, she broke into her grandparents house at 3:30 a.m.! ) I started out the drive and drove until we dropped off the house guest. Thor drove to Beaver and then I took over again. We were all SO tired it was crazy! We stopped somewhere (still not sure where we were) at about 6:30 and slept for an hour and then drove into Provo.

#5 had been in the E.R. for about 4 hours and was sent home on morphine for her pain. Originally we thought she may have been having appendix problems, but after blood work and other tests the doctors said that wasn't the situation. However she was and still is in pain.

Thor and #3 packed #5's car and headed for home and I stayed with #5. #5 needed to resolve some issues with school before she could leave, so we waited until Monday morning. By 10:30 Monday a.m. we were back on the road.

#5 is still having some serious pain so we are seeing a P.A. this afternoon and her personal physician on Thursday. We are hoping to get all this pain pin pointed to a particular place and be able to control it soon. For the last few months #5 has been making these road trips to and from the BY-U to try and diagnose this tummy of hers...ugh! Poor thing! She has been poked, look at, looked through, sucked dry, hydrated by I.V., tested and tested again, and told "nothing is wrong". Now she is sporting a low grade fever along with the pain, so hopefully the medical personnel can look at her with new eyes and try to help her get rid of this mysterious pain.

So, I have driven the black tar back and forth this weekend with no sleep in hopes of being a heroine for my baby girl. All good thoughts and prayers are appreciated, along with a good dose of humour, as this seems to be the best medicine, as always.

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chronicler said...

let #5 know I hope she's better soon!

The Pea said...

If you ever need me I am here to lend a hand. Not too far from Provo.

BTW love the Heroine tie in!!!

Lisa M. said...

Loving the electric blue-

Ah, good luck-

I hate medical issues-

s'mee said...

Thanks to all...after a 13 hour appointment Monday (and into Tuesday morning) appointment, we found out the previous diagnosis was "too hasty" (kind of what we thought, but...) and that she will be monitored by two different specialists for two completely unrelated problems (WAHOO! a dr. who finally separated the symptoms). She was up for two different surgeries on Monday night and by the time we got into Tuesday morning we were told one wasn't a problem anymore and the other is on a wait and see basis.

Whew! Soooo, now we are waitinf for referrals to the specialists which should happen in the next two weeks and she has been given an all clear for right now, although she is still in pain. That said the dr. was impressed when she turned down, morphine, vicadin, and codine and asked if she could just stay with tylenol.

Thanks again everyone.

Adán said...

Well, I had hoped that you could use this title for a more light hearted post... se la vie. I hope that everything turns out well, and we will be praying for everyone- these things are always stressful on everyone! Keep us posted (no pun intended).

s'mee said...

Adan, she (as all of us) are having fun with the illness as much as we can, so humour helps. She's doing better, as long as she doesn't eat! lol oh well. Thanks for your support and prayers, I am sure it helps. : ) <3

Bri said...

Tell #5 we are thinking of her and hope that she gets better soon. Tell her I went to the hospital on Tuesday night with the same thing! From what mom told me. Tell her everything will be ok, and I totally know what she is going through. Love you guys!