Monday, July 30, 2007

White Light

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melissa c said...

These pictures are my cup of tea. Love them! The ocean calls to me and here in Utah I still reside.

Someday, When I am old and gray, I will comb the beaches for sea shells in front of my small cottage that I will own on the beach....someday.

Sarah said...

I automatically started breathing deeper while looking at these pictures. What is it about the sea that calms me down? These are great shots! I wish I had your skills with the camera.

s'mee said...

Hey, Melissa, hows aout you and me living next door to each other? lol When I was little we lived near the ocean, in fact these photos are from of our old haunts. As an adult I still haven't found the way to live there... but someday!

Sarah, gorsch! I'm getting all big headed (maybe it will balance out the cankles?). Thanks! I LOVE the ocean, the beach, the sand in my toes...

Very calming, but it also energizes me too. How does that work?

More, LOTS more to come this week. All from SD County.

s'mee said...

Oh, and Sarah, SERIOUSLY your icon makes me audibly laugh every time I see it.