Tuesday, July 24, 2007


C'mon now! I am feeling slightly rejected here...I have TWO places left for my craft give away. Trust me, I will try my best to make it something nice. Hurry now, sign up!

add to sk*rt


melissa c said...

I would love to help but I am in no way craft. Just ask Lisa!

Sally said...

Would you like a really really big piece of shower curtain art? ;)

s'mee said...

does this mean you two are up for the challenge????

Speak ye! Yea or nea?

Lisa M. said...

Melissa is actually quite clever.

She is just a putzzzzz!


Sally said...

Ok, sure. I will accept. I planned to give those shower curtain arts away as neighbor gifts this year. Will that count as paying it forward? How strict are the "rules"? May I pay it forward to people other than bloglovers?

s'mee said...

O.k. So far a definate yes with Sal and Lisa. You two ladies should go to the "s'mee mail" in the upper right sidebar, click it and send me your street addresses. I will craft up some goodies and hopefully get them out before September of 08! HAH!

Sal, the "rules" say it is supposed to be through blogs, however, this is obviously not happen for me! 8 (

So, new rules...I say pay it forward to those who would pay it forward as well. I guess the base line is we share and have fun, and keep it going.