Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lolly has tagged me with this new meme! So here we go...more gory details about S'mee:

My roommate and I once: flew to Canada to celebrate...oh wait, I never had a roommate. I got married to Thor the November after I graduated high school, so I guess you could say he was my roommate after that and well heck, we did everything together!!!

Never in my life have I: smoked anything.

High school was : necessary, but not much fun.

When I’m nervous : I get sick and want to (and often actually) "ralph", "toss my cookies", "recycle", you get the idea.

My hair : Is never too short to put in a ponytail, which is my "signature style" lol. It's a very pretty shade of very dark brown, auburn highlights in the bright sun, and more and more gray, which is fine by me. It used to be so straight it wouldn't hold a perm, now the grey is coming in kind of frizzy...weird.

When I was 5 : I took one of my best school pictures. Missing teeth and my hair completely messed up, but the cutest little smile...and my favorite necklace at the time.

When I turn my head left : I see my grampa's ukulele.

I should be : tall and thin with cocoa brown skin and a voice like katie lang, but alas, no.

By this time next year : I will have my art room again and hopefully filled with completed paintings, painted furniture pieces, and new sewing projects.

My favorite aunt is : actually Thor's Aunt Marlene who recently passed away. She was totally upbeat, smart, a hard worker, motivated, ambitious, positive, and completely hilarious...(because all my parents are only children. No aunts, uncles, or cousins.)

I have a hard time understanding : Blanket prejudice. And math. And how come English words are spelled like they are. And "reality" t.v.

You know I like you if : I take you with me when I want to have fun.

My ideal breakfast is : served overlooking a beach. If you can't manage that, how about warm fresh beignets with cold vanilla bean cream sauce and chocolate hazelnut dip? Add a few apple sausage links, some fresh fruit (orange, banana, cantaloupe, berries -no strawberries please), and a cup of real hot chocolate and I'll be in heaven.

If you visit my home town : bring your sandals and some sunscreen. If you come to where I live now, bring a fan and a good sense of humour.

If you spend the night at my house : you will probably dance, eat, talk too much, laugh and stay up too late, then sleep on the couch.

My favorite blonde is : 9N Coastal Dune, Natural Instincts, Clarol

My favorite brunette is : 28B Roasted Chestnut, Dark Warm Brown, Natural Instincts, Clarol

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : I really can't imagine any other animal I want flying over my head and perhaps doing all that birds doo up there. yikes.

I shouldn't have been : so insecure when I was younger.

Last night I: worked on things for a friend's baby shower; gnomes, faery tale games, etc.

A better name for me would be : contradiction

I’ve been told I look like : Valerie Bertinelli, by a blind man who loves me. In my very young days one could s-t-r-e-t-c-h their imagination and see that, perhaps, but now? Not so much.

If I could have any car, it would be: one with insurance, maintenance, and fuel paid for already. I think I'd like one approved by Ed Begley.

o.k. that was fun. I'd like to tagged the usual suspects, you know who you are, let me know if you participate!

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Lisa M. said...

Please let me know when you craft thing comes up, cause I want a spot.



I am not coming here, anymore, if you keep putting up beach pictures. *sniff*, I've had pneumonia for over a week, during one of Utah's worst heat waves.

Life so doesn't' seem fair. *sniff*

(I actually don't really mean that)

I'm so glad you've been having fun, and I am so proud of your little video's.

I need to learn how to do them.


by the way, I agree with the blind man. I can TOTALLY see- the connection.

And she, has always been one of my favorites.


Have the best day- EVER!

s'mee said...

Lisa, thanks you blind woman! lol I see you have already checked the crafty thing before I read this, so yea! And the video thing is rediculously easy. Just click on the little tab at the bottom of the slide that says "make your own" and follow the instructions. It's free! It's just like loading onto flickr, just as easy plus you get to add a bunch of other stuff if you want. Anywho, easy. Now I expect to see on full of Ethan! That kid is too adorable to just have one photo per post.

chronicler said...

Oh yeah I would have gone with Valerie Bertinelli for you too. gnomes and fairies. you have all the fun!