Monday, July 16, 2007

"pull over babe..."

We were wandering around, killing time until we had to turn in the car and head to the airport. We had done all we wanted to do, bought gifts for the folks back home and so Thor says: "Pull over babe, let's watch the surfers."

We drove until we could find a spot to park and as we pulled up to the curb we could see turtles from the car!

We walked out got a few shots and then we saw they were literally everywhere. So cool! We got really lucky. Wahoo!

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chronicler said...

Great pics. Sea Turtles! Cool. I recognise something else in the pics too. Who's the guy? And tell us more!

s'mee said...

o.k. when we got out of the car there was this guy and two old ladies. (not related) They all saw that we were obviously excited to see the turtles so up close and personal that they began to chat and told us that just a few minutes earlier the guy there plucked one out of the brink for the old ladies to see.

He told us that he was staying the hotel up the street and had seen the locals do just that and figured if they did, he could, and so, once again, seeing two very cute young women (and there geekazoid mom with a camera) went to the edge and waited for the opportune time. (Thor waited and watched from the car with much dignity.)

This guy was Jo Cool, drink in hand, and full of information about said turtles and why they were so close (the yellow grass growing on the rocks is their favorite treat). He had just finished a fishing trip in Alaska and now was "fishing for turtles" (and young women according to Thor).

All in all it was really fun, the guy was nice and the old ladies impressed with the whole scene.

Tamale I go to develope the under water photos where, hopefully, we have some great shots of the fish we saw when we went snorkling at the other bays...stay tuned!

Bri said...

How fun! The turtles are amazing. Hope you are having a great trip!