Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh the pain of it all! I just might die.

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Evidently I have talked way too much about pain and death...go figure!

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chronicler said...

wow I did mine and on both came out to a G rating. And here I thought watching R rated movies corrupted me. Hmmmm. rethinking that strategy.

s'mee said...

You need to write about how eating tainted spinach gave someone a PAINful tummy ache that almost KILLed them and then write a follow up on the funeral...that will help you get that PG rating.

Food = family fun

Mini Coopers = family fun

Now all I need to do is come up with a clever euphemism for death, dying, kill, funeral, pain...
and maybe stay away from the black tar!

Maren said...

Bummer, it couldn't find my blog to rate it.

Thanks for all of your hugs and good wishes. It has been a week, but we are making it through. A day of rest (today) was surely needed. Everyone, including us, who was close to the situation skipped church today (including the Relief Society president). I think this week drained everyone.

I am planning on doing the 7 random facts tag soon. Trying to come up with some good, obscure facts or fiction to list.

Adán said...

Yeah, I think that your gratuitous drug references had more to do with it. Mine got a G, as in "Gee, that's boring."

Corrie said...

I got a G, but that's only because it didn't find any bad words.

Hubby just doesn't like it when I include them, so I just have to think them sometimes.