Monday, July 28, 2008

what's wrong with what we eat?

I guess you can call this Part Two, after Ann. Mark Bittman gave this talk at TED a while back. He refers to Ann in his talk, which is why I posted her video. I think they say much of the same thing, but each adds things the other leaves out. Ann is a bit more laid back, Mark a touch more acerbic; but not so much that it turns you off, he's just passionate about his food.

Please take some time to watch them both. Enjoy.

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chronicler said...

Bittman is great. I just wish more people were willing to hear with their ears. Most people want to shout and cover their ears out of fear I've found.

S'mee said...

I love the history lesson he provides in It was very motivational.

S'mee said...

duh, loooong day. Let me try that again.

I love the history lesson he provides in the speech. The whole thing is motivational.