Wednesday, July 09, 2008

picturing excess

Please take a 11:00 minute break and watch this fascinating video, either here or at This artist has come up with his "examples of anesthesia", ways that we as a nation go about everyday without consciously being aware of things that we participate in, either by acquiescence or purpose because that's the way things are done. He does not judge or say we are "bad" he justs wants us to be more aware of certain things. He also points out his subjects are not a priority list of ills, just a few things that caught his personal attention in staggering ways.

Some of his subjects are the amount of paper cups we use in a day.
The U.S. prison population versus those from other countries.
Death by cigarettes.
Prescription drug use and abuse.
Elective Breast Augmentation.

He, I feel, effectively "translates numbers and statistics into visual images" so to invite and motivate us to first recognize and then if we are a part of the problem to accept our responsibility in these things and asks us to think how we can personally change them.

Please watch and enjoy.

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Yolanda said...

FASCINATING!!!!!!! I might add this to my blog site...

S'mee said...

Yo, if you are not familiar with TED the link is in my left sidebar: "looking off the port bow", last link. FABULOUS place to waste some time! Terrific "make you think" speeches, art, lit., performance, all kinds of goodies. I'll be linking a few more that I enjoyed soon and often. Glad you enjoyed this one. : )

Red said...

Man, this sounds like a great video, my interest connection is.... (gulp) dial-up, so I couldn't watch it. :-(

I'm thinking of going to the library just so I can see it :-)

S'mee said...

ah Red! I have no idea what that means, but yeah, the library or whatever, it's a good few minutes. I will have other videos up son. Also, you can go directly to and see the video there, would that help?

also, what's up with the rain and 98 degrees?