Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oy. and a Grrrrr.


About a hour or so after Tuesday's earthquake here in SoCAL, I put up a video -The Happy Cows and their foot massage- Yeah well it's what, like Thursday, and the thing is still out in space somewhere around Pluto. I can guarantee it will pop in sometime, usually when I really don't want it to. This has happened once before and frankly, it's frustrating. I keep checking the blog so that when it does pop up at the wrong time (timing is everything and the joke has long passed) - I can take the dumb thing down.


As a side note I should remark on how a 5.4 is really just a good shake or bump or "Monster Stomp" (or foot massage), no injuries or significant damage. Nothing stable fell from shelves, well if you go to You Tube there is a cosmetics (?) store where it looks as if the small products bungee jump off the shelf in one mass college prank, but for the majority of us, just another small "wake up call", because we all know the "big one" is lurking.

An interesting thing to note is that, although there was little damage, about 20 minute after the quake cell phones went down, computers began to hiccup, and that was a drag. (maybe that's why you tube is messed up?) Lesson here? Don't count on the internet or phone service tied to the internet during or after a quake. Have those numbers on a zip drive and also hard copies so that you can reach who you need to however possible as soon as you are able.

So, there you go. Thanks to Mother Nature for putting an exclamation point on Tuesday's post on self preparedness!

Also a big "thanks" and shout out to Rynell , who contacted me to check on the family. That was great! Another standard "emergency prep" idea, have an out of state contact so that when your phone lines are down someone can contact you or vice versus. Did anyone check in on your family? Did you call and check on anyone? 75 points to Rynell for Doing One Thing!

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Boy Mom said...

I love the California cows the Massage one is great. Glad everything is OK. Thanks for all your comments, you have no idea how much they mean. I'm the oldest of 11 siblings I'm always the Mom or big sister. Your comments make me feel as though I have a loving cyberspace mom who loves me just the way I am. Thank you.