Sunday, July 06, 2008

all's well that ends well -or- we all do stupid things in our youth

Note the rocky shore line. Note the irregular wave sets. Note the shark like fin of one rock. (o.k. so I pointed that out yesterday, I still think it's cool.) Note the "triple dog dare you". Note the idiotic look of "where'd my board go?" Note the "What the hell, chicks dig scars" attitude.

Note the tale this is going to grow into over the summer... just don't tell mom.

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melissa c said...

Ya, uh, PLEASE don't tell me! I don't want to know when my kids do stupid things! I'd rather live in sublime innocence.

It's funny how we think we are invincible at that age. Most of us are lucky to still be alive!

S'mee said...

Mel, brace yourself. All of our kids are now old enough and live far enough away that the tales are beginning to find their way to the dinner table at family events. It's funny to hear their adventures and scary to hear the near death experiences! But we all do them right? It's part of growing up. Even watching these two idiots- I soooo wanted to be them. I would have killed my kids, but if I were their age I would have gone for it too.

Alison Wonderland said...

Boys are especially dumb when it comes to these things.

S'mee said...

Alison, truer words were never spoken.