Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch

Today, one of the good guys graduated. Having passed all his tests Randy Pausch died leaving his wife and three children. If you haven't yet, click on the above link or on the screen below to watch and to listen to his Last Lecture. It's is worth the 104 minutes.

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maren said...

Thank you for posting this. I had been following his blog and from his last entry the end of last month it didn't seem like he was this close. My uncle died from Pancreatic cancer. It can progress so quickly. By the time we found out that my uncle was even sick, my dad flew out and we were going to see him. He died the night before we got there.

S'mee said...

Oh Maren. Such a sad story. I'm grateful we will see them again and it will be like we were never separated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.