Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do One Thing! Book Review

I have two book suggestions for you to think about. I like them both. The first is:

"It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built The Ark - Family Preparedness Hints" by Tami Girsberger

Tami's book is a small 5x5 inch guide to gathering and storing those things we may need in the event of an emergency. It's small, but pretty thorough! 162 pages filled with ideas and instruction for preparing our home, vehicle, office, first aid kit, family finances, water, food, cooking without electricity, sheltering, staying warm, and on and on! She tells how to build stoves and toilets! (I could have used this that summer the septic tank decided it needed to be replaced!) She encourages engaging our block/neighbors in preparedness and to become a CERT volunteer for 'after the fact' service in your community, and she lists by state Government Emergency Agencies.

Tami writes in a very easy to read manner and most of her chapters are about four pages (two if they were in average book size). A lot of things to think about.

The second book is:

"12 STEPS To Build Your Own Personal Ark - A Simple and Inexpensive Guide to Food Storage and Family Preparedness" by Emily Freeman

Emily also has a small booklet type book with great information. Her 5x7 inch, 23 page book has a monthly system to obtain a year's supply of food essential for two persons in a 12 month period. She gives FHEa lesson ideas, motivational quotes, and exact numbers of supplies to acquire each month. She also includes additional information if you choose to do more than the basics. Emily includes simple charts to check your progress. Emily's writing is also very easy going and motivating.

Both of these books are discussing the same subject, but with completely different focus. Tami's is an overall basic home and family prep; while Emily's is just basic food storage. I feel both are excellent resources and both can add to our education of what and how we need to prepare.

I purchased these books for myself and for each of our 5 children, so they too, could begin to prepare in their families. This would make a good gift! One or both of the books in a backpack to be filled by the recipient as a 72 hour kit, or on top of a case of canned peaches or whatever. Think about it.

a - FHE: Family Home Evening. A once a week family gathering where parents and children learn together, play and generally have fun with each other exclusively, focusing on the family. Lessons, activities, field trips, and 'treats!', etc. are typical for FHE.

It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built The Ark - Family Preparedness Hints, by Tami Girsberger, Leatherwood Press (sold exclusively at Deseret Book or at Leatherwood Press.com) $12.95

12 STEPS To Build Your Own Personal Ark - A Simple and Inexpensive Guide to Food Storage and Family Preparedness, by Emily Freeman, Sound Concepts, Inc. 15 East 400 South, Orem, UT 84058 (I ordered this booklet through a Deseret Book distributor) $7.95

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chronicler said...

Your timing is perfect! There are people in YL today that could use this info!

S'mee said...

hehe, am I good or WHAT?! Nice of Mother Nature to help me out today. Thanks for reading, sis! I put up another post, but it won't come up yet, grrrrr.