Saturday, July 05, 2008

review of yesterday

Thor and I started out with breakfast and then we headed out to the city for a day of fun. We drove out to Laguna Beach and drove the coast south gawking at the zillion and two beach goers, knowing we would never find a spot to park.

We had a great time checking out the crowds and made our way into Dana Point where amazingly enough we entered the bay parking lot just as someone else was leaving and snagged a space near the docks.

Thor and I cruised a bit, took in the boats, the kayaks, and all the people in the water on all kinds of craft! It looked so inviting! Across the water at the yacht club there was a piper playing all manner of patriotic songs on his bag pipe. The music made its' way across the bay and out along the grass and jetty.

While we were at the jetty we saw two boys jump in between the sea rocks trying to get out to a larger rock in between wave sets. They were successful, but more on that story tomorrow.

We headed inland and ended up going through every variation of "Laguna" there was; city, Meadows, Niguel, Woods, Highlands, Heights, Valley, you name it, we hit them all. Finally we called #3 and asked if she knew how to get out of the Lagunas and onto the 5. We met her at P.F. Changs in the OC Spectrum, ate dinner and then headed back home.

About 8:30 we were in Fontana/Rancho Cucamonga and the fireworks started out. Still dusk the booms and sparks were against the lavender skies. Once one went off the whole city lit up for about an hour. Small neighborhoods, about three or four blocks big, set up their own shows all over the city. Wherever you looked you could see fantastic shows that rival any I have seen in a stadium or small city show. If you look closely in some of the photos you can see the rooftops... those houses are in a cul de sac and the fireworks are set off on the street! Amazing!

We watched for an hour or so and went back home exhausted but happily entertained.

(Does that rock look like a shark fin or what?)

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melissa c said...

what a fun day! I like your style and taste. I wish my hubby enjoyed that sort of thing but oh well!

The pictures are beautiful too.

S'mee said...

Thanks Mel! Thor and I love road trips, the gas is a buzz kill, but hey. We went without an agenda, knowing the crowds would be enormous, so everything after that was gravy! We love to people watch, although b0oth of us wanted to just jump in the water, but sitting on the jetty was great!

What sort of things does your hubby like to do? Maybe we can find a way to covertly combine the two!