Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just when you think your life is going well....

O.k. you know how you see yourself sometimes? Yeah. Well, if someone were to ask me to describe myself it would go something like this:

I'm 5'4", over weight, naturally coloured hair with a little bit of grey, great sense of humour, witty, fairly intelligent, creative and spontaneous. Very relaxed style with a perma ponytail and usually no shoes. No make up, no nylons, a Buddhist hippy at heart.

Well, the other night I was at a gathering and one of my favorite couples came into the room with their three (very well behaved and immaculately groomed) little ones. This guy is my vote for next Bishop, although I would never tell him that because it would make his very humble head explode. This is the man who just shows up with a big freakin' grin on his face and does your yard work. He's is the Elder's Quorum President, a calling he was born to fill. This is a guy who lives to help people move in.

His wife? Well, she's extremely intelligent without coming off as a smarty pants. She loves Seinfeld and can finish quotes from the series if you ask her to. She has a great sense of humour and is a terrific mom. She would be amazing in any calling. She is confident and willing to help out. Plus she always sports a killer smile.

I love love love this family. They are, frankly, the bomb.

So as they approached me at the party to chat I was more than willing to sit and share some time with them. I talked with the wife for about 20 minutes before her hubby walked over and began with the compliments.

"I LOVE you and Brother Thor! Seriously, you guys are the best!" I began to demurely blush "Oh. go. on!" I giggled humbly. "No really. You know how in every ward there is that really awesome couple everyone loves? That's you guys! That older couple that still gets it! Yeah, like you guys are so cool. Most couples your ages just aren't fun anymore. For old people you guys are so FUN!"

Now I must point out that up until this point, I thought we were about ten years older than these two. It is just occurring to me that -um- evidently not!

The conversation went on and on and on and eventually ended somewhere around "I just hope that when we're your age we can still be as cool as you guys!" Yeah, if only they live that long.

Then last night I decide that I will actually walk into the room with the large shiny boxes and throw some food on top of them and make dinner. If you have any idea of just how hot it is here (in the freaking Mojave Desert) then you will understand just how magnanimous this gesture was. I was sacrificing for the benefit of my loved ones.

Upon serving the meal I did the unthinkable. I asked opinions. Now in all fairness I am not one for vanities, I want to know if it is worth making again or tossing, so I beg for honest opinions. The query went something like this:

"Sooo, how is it?"

(in an upbeat tone) "It's edible." (1st blow)

"It's kind of like that store bought Alfredo sauce that tasted like crap. uhm, I mean it tastes like the jar stuff. O.k. I guess." (there were so many hits in that remark that I am not sure how many counts to give it.)

"We're still eatin' it." (merely a flesh wound)

"There is sauce left, should I make more noodles for left overs?"

In remarkable unison... "NO!" and then laughter.


That recipe goes into the trash.

I am feeling really good about my self today. Send chocolate!

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chronicler said...

do what you do best, go to hawaii. then have the chocolate. Those tiny little toes belong to the sands of Maui anyway.

man, with a couple of days like that, I'd be buying me a inflation filled gift card too!

Sally said...

Get thee to a See's counter, quickly. Order thyself several specialty chocolates. (Actually, you can custom design an entire box online! Really! You can add and subtract individual pieces until you've got a 1 lb or 2 lb box, whatever suits you. Also, make voodoo dolls of EQ Pres and wife (And DAB while you're at it, please) and burn them in effigy over one of the hotter flames on your gas stove. I've done it several times, and it worked every time.

s'mee said...

Thanks ladies, yup, I'm heading for some chocolate right now!

s'mee said...
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Rynell said...

People say the darndest things. Really. I wouldn't even say that to my great grandma, much less a very funny, intelligent, witty woman at church.
Have some chocolate. Those chocolate- inducing endorphins will have you chipper right away.

Lisa M. said...

Do you need my address?

Because baby you can bring dinner here any time.

I think the picture is HILARIOUS.

Love you

and sending you some yummy chocolate.

s'mee said...

Rynell, in his defence, this man meant no guile and I took none, really. I don't even think he understood how it sounded! lol I am sure if he read my blog he would die, DIE, of imbarrassment and feel so bad he'd have to buy me a car or something. I just had to post about it because it was so funny.

Lisa, yes. send me your address. You would be surprised at what I could do with *that* information!!! ; >

Anonymous said...

Hey S'mee! I think I see you comment a lot of places and thought I would leave a note here. I think that as we get really close to people that we see less and less of their outsides and more and more of their insides.