Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm quirky.

Mustang Sally asked me to answer the Seven Quirks/Habits etc. meme.
Here are seven quirks or habits about me. I think these are new info??? If you have heard it before, tell me and I will come up with something new.

1. I am not a huge fan of strawberries. I feel guilty eating them because most people are like, "Oh my heck! Look at the strawberries!" and then get all excited at the thought of gorging themselves on the cute little fruit. If I don't care one way or the other about strawberries and someone else does like them that much, they should have them.

2. I carry a full hygiene kit in my car. If you have a personal need I more than likely have a solution for you sitting, nicely organized, in my jockey box. Need a razor? There's one in there. Want tweezers? In there. Floss, pick, or mouthwash? In there. I have potty seat covers and t.p., sanitizing gel and wipes. Girly stuff if you need it. Clippers, both toe and finger. And a file. I have Tylenol, Excedrin, Tums, Zantac and Q-Tips. I have heat wraps and Blistex. Are you bleeding? I have band aides! Lotion, comb, and a sewing kit. There's more, but I digress.

Oh, and I get really crazy if you leave trash in my car. Seriously. It bugs me a lot to have trash all over the car. We're talking even the paper from the straw. If you unwrap your straw in my car take the paper with you when you leave. Thank you. Don't get me started with drinks or bottles that are left in there.

3. I almost always have a toothbrush handy. I find comfort in brushing my teeth. I brush my teeth while driving. I was a creative tooth faery back in the day. Thank you notes, with full descriptions of just how the tooth would be turned into this or that shaped diamond, would be hand written in the tiniest hand, on glittery paper, an left near the tooth pillow. Tiny high heeled foot prints would be (hand painted and glittered) entering and exiting the window nearest the child's bed, and glitter would be everywhere the faery would have flown. The footprints and glitter would fade over a few days...

4. I get kind of creeped out when I see someone with the kind of fake nails you get from a manicurist. The acrylic or porcelain, whatever they are called. I think it because they are so much thicker than a regular nail. When I was in junior high school one of the gals in the group of friends had a habit of fixing her nails with toilet paper and nail polish. If she got a snag or a break she would just break off the tiniest piece of tissue, paint her nail with polish and while still wet add the tissue (over and under the break) and paint over it to repair the break. After a while her nails were seriously thick and fuuuuunky. And they looked just like the "good nails" women get now. Nice on the top, but thick underneath. (seriously, I just got the chills thinking about it.)

5. I fall asleep (usually) very quickly and deep just to wake up twenty minutes (to the minute)later and struggle to fall back asleep and as deep. I dream vividly almost every night and can remember amazing details in my dreams the next day. I have about a dozen or so dreams that have repeated over the years since childhood. I can (at times) manipulate my dreams and make them go the way I want them to.

6. I have a strong dislike for cars without hubcaps. I would rather see a car with primer paint than a car without hubcaps.

7. My purse is about an inch and a half wide and somewhere between the size of an index card and a postcard. It carries everything I need on a daily basis, and then some.

So there you go Sal! I would tag ya'all, but everyone I know who reads this blog probably has already done this. Oh well, I had fun! If you want to have fun to, let me know and we'll spread the word to have everyone over to your place.

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Lisa M. said...

I knew not one of these.

You are quirky.

My car has two missing hubcaps.

Three bottles, four straw things, and is basically a garbage can on wheels.

I like the hygiene kit.


You crack me up.

chronicler said...

I just think the fact that you call the glove box, the jockey box is quirky! I guess it's the difference in having girls or boys. ;-)

Maren said...

I thought that too about the jockey box.

I LOVE strawberries. Strawberries on french toast or waffles or just about anything.

It takes me ages to fall asleep at night. My mind is too busy it has trouble settling down.

Those nails weird me out too.

Yolanda said...

I LOVE your quirkiness!! And I say this as my acrylic nails click-click away on the keypad...(LOL)

Love ya!

s'mee said...

Lisa, whatever you do in your own vehicle is none of my concern! But yeah, the hubcap think would still drive me nuts. I need therapy! ;>

Sis, I thought everyone in the family used jockey box...where did I get it from??? Is it a gramma grampa word??

Maren, you can have all my strawberries from now on! Can I have all your blueberies? How about Loganberries, or raspberries? I LOVE BlackBerries, hmmm I guess the only ones that I don't go nuts fro are those made of straw!

Yolanda, you are not alone. Seems if a woman has long nails these days they are made from acrylic. I guess that's why I am the one with the quirk. : 0 Now the sound they make when you swish them together is awesome. (see how I am finding the rainbow?) Hey, you need to post on the new digs!!!

Maren said...

Raspberries are my all time favorite, but I do not care for Blackberries. at all. They are too seedy. I like our blueberries too, but have never had a Loganberry.

Lisa M. said...

I've now decided that I am going straight to the dark place, with only two hubcaps. And actually, I would like to point out, that they are not actually called hub caps, they are hub cap covers.

However, I digress, After, much thought, I can see how horrible it looks (the two missing are on the same side of the car) at least there is some kind of balance.

As for the berries.

I like strawberries, but I don't love them. I do, absolutely LOVE and I mean L O V E, blueberries. They are oh so yum.

I remember, very clearly the first time I had a fresh blueberry, I was almost twenty. No idea, what they were like, except in the muffin mix.

I have a blueberry pear cobbler, that is probably my absolute favorite... dessert of all time.

I love Loganberries too, and Black berries. I never understood why strawberries were considered berries, I mean, they don't really look like a berry?

Okay, this is a total thread jack, and I am sorry.

I've always called it the "glove compartment" is what we referred to it, growing up.

You people crack me up.

chronicler said...

well, i'm named after a bird so I have to like berries! i'll take all you have! and anyway you want to serve them too.

Jared said...

"I can (at times) manipulate my dreams and make them go the way I want them to."

Wow... S'mee - Neo... (Just remember... there is no spoon.)

"Who could remake the matrix as he saw fit." -Morpheus.

*sigh*... too cool for me. I just fly in my dreams.