Friday, September 14, 2007

Part 4: An Example Chart

This is an example of a chart that I made years ago. It has a different colour for each child on the top, and then colours for mom and dad on the bottom. (You can adapt this to your needs.) Each section has five minute increments, beginning with the bedtime and going backwards, which can be marked off.
The bottom of the chart is an illustration that shows that "obedience equals happiness and a correct bedtime" on the left; and that disobedience equals unhappiness and an early bedtime.

You may need to click on each photo to see clearly the illustrations, but you get the idea. And yes, my kids went to bed at 7:00 until they were in 6th grade.

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Jeff said...

Hi S'mee - this is Maren's "DH". Thanks for posting these! We're really looking forward to starting it with our little Reilly man.

The contest will be to see who racks up more minutes each day... me or him. :P


Maren said...

I shared this with Jeff today--obviously:) I am making up a chart today and we are going to present this at Family Night tomorrow. Wish us luck!!!

s'mee said...

Jeff and Maren...Hang in there, the hardest part is being able to stop the argument/discussion and not engage in them. Maren just tell Jeff: "No. We are not discussing this. If you keep discussing you choose 5 minutes." That kind of dialog helps. ; > lol

Let me know how it goes.

Lisa M. said...

I really love this S'mee-ster! You rock.


s'mee said...

thanks Lisa!

Rynell said...

My hubby & I have been discussing implementing this since I read this post.
Thanks so much for sharing your experience. So helpful.