Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thanks to Kim Carney from "Something to Say"! She has flattered me much and nominated me for the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award. I am gushing. If you have yet to be over at Kim's place you need to go. She always has something terrific to peruse. She has the best links and the most delicious photos to look at every day. Lots of flowers, but many other subjects. If you get a chance to wander through her past, check out her Flickr! Sets and her Self-Portraits -you will never see better art work and honesty. She is fabulous and inspirational!

And while I am at it...I need to thank (once again) my sis -Cooper's Chronicles , who makes me look good. If there is any techno stuff that needs to be taken care of, she graciously does it in the middle of the night for me like the Shoe Maker's Elf. I love her. LOVE her. If you need to know anything she can tell you. Seriously. We were yakking the other day about a post we read and she asked a question that neither of us could answer. After a minute she said, "Well, I just google that and learn about it." And she did. A week later she could tell me all about the subject and that she now could practice that particular skill and improve her resume, once again. She never sleeps. She knows literally everything about food. She is just geographically challenged to make it pay for her. (I keep telling her she needs to move to the big city...she would cleeeean up!) A Jack of all trades she's up to any challenge. She can craft almost anything. She's a photographer, a glass fusee( fuser came up as a mispell, lol!), and seamstress in the professional sense of the word, a quilter, a cook, a historian, a maker of jewelry, knows more about history and astronomy than the average person, and don't dare challenge her with music...she has her bases covered there as well. I haven't even scratched the surface. She's a smart one, she is.

And now to make a nomination of my own: I would like to send y'all over to Mustang Sally's. She's definately a "Rockin' Girl Blogger! " I knew her as a little girl, and laughed along with her mom all through Sal's teens. Now she is all grown up with a hubby and three little ones and a sense of humour that just cracks me up. She has a terrific vocabulary and I can hear her voice when I read her words. The thing is, she really talks the way she writes; always has. You gotta love a gal who consistently uses the $10.00 words. (and a few salty ones...shhhh!) If you want to peek back into the times when you were a young mom and remember the joys that come with discovering your kids personalities, read Miss Sally.

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chronicler said...

wow. Thank you very much! How nice, I love you too!

s'mee said...

ah shucks. Thanks again, sis.

Sally said...

Thank you thank you my friend! I think I would really like your sister too. BTW, there's a cool MEME on Jared and Mel's site you would like, I think.
And on another note, are you going to be in our backward state on Sept. 22nd and 23rd? We need an ASL interpreter for S.C. :) Seriously.

s'mee said...

Sal...Woah! No interpretor in the great state of Utar? That is unheard of! I thought they were like pianists and chapels...everywhere! Unfortunately I won't be there. sorry. : (

and as far as Jared's Meme...I KNOW! I tried to copy that for Chronicler!!! (who, yes, you would like) Again, my techy skills are minimal and mocking, grrrr. I was going to have her do it because, um, I don't have an ipod. yup, I am a loser. But that Meme rocked! lol And so do you Miss Rockin' Girl Blogger!