Thursday, September 06, 2007

Carlton's Log, curio shop

Every once in a while you come across a store that has an amazing variety (read: thousands of items) of 'stuff'. This happened to be one of those stores. Lured into the store by a sample root beer barrel candy we went inside a place we would have normally walked by. They had old, well everything, magazines, odd items, and it seems whatever they had was in multitudes on display. I was draw past the tin, wood, and paper items and into the glass.
The store itself seemed to be teetering on pilings and old floor boards. 60% of the items needed a good and thorough dusting. Every space was utilized, which explains the items above displayed in the window sills.
But when the light made its' way through the old milky windows and onto the glass, they sparkled. A barrel of marbles, and army of "Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima"s, and probably the best platter for serving ham in the world; this store was a feast for the eyes.
Oh, and you should have seen their old fashioned candy

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The Pea said...

It always takes me a while to get caught up on your blogs when I have been away so here goes! I would love to bring you chocolate, I love the hearts and love the aunt Jemima more.

chronicler said...

what a fun store! Did they mind you snapping photos? The pig platter is priceless.

s'mee said...

Pea, your life is so busy right now! Thanks for stopping by and for the choclate!

Chronicler, these people were soooo out there they wouldn't have cared if we filmed a square dance in the isle! lol

Rynell said...

i love love love the colors of the glass & marbles. What a fun store to stumble upon.
Great photos!

Maren said...

I love the photography--especially the marbles and glass jars. I am sorely tempted by stores that carry jars and containers of about any sort.

melissa c said...

I loved these pictures. I love stores like that. It is like walking back in to history. Who had this or that on their shelf in their home.

Who were these people? You can almost feel the spirit of those who owned the things now sparkling on the window sills! Cool!

Lisa M. said...

Beautiful. I too love the platter-

I love good finds like that.

The pictures, are fantastic, as usual.

Sally said...

You are a very good photographer. Those are gorgeous.