Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the "Beginning" of something good...

O.k. folks, hold onto your desk, this is an actual post! Who knew?

Ya'all know one of my favorite places to view everyday is Miss Karen over at chookooloonks. A few days ago Karen had a fantastic idea: a "Post Card Swap!" Earlier this year she had a brilliant plan to create "The Kind Journal" project, which I excitedly joined in on; so when the postcard swap came along I hopped on board again.

So I signed up at the very last minute, whew!, and received my list of 11 other bloggers to send my cards to. I set to work thinking about what I would do. Remember last Christmas when I did the ornament swap? I thought, "hey, why not try something similar?"

With that ornament swap I began painting canvas again (after years of not painting at all), however because of circumstances I have not painted again. So what a great opportunity! Here's what I came up with. I would take a favorite photo and paint it on twelve canvases.

I took 5x7 inch board canvases, turned them over and used blue painter's tape to bind them together. I needed to support the canvas boards with a piece of foam core board so that they would not sag or flop on the easel. After that it was just a matter of painting.

I used acrylics and tried to paint in a more impressionist style than realist of one of my favorite spots on the North Shore of Oahu.
I'll divide the painting among the twelve in our group and woohoo! we will each have a small individual painting that was once one large one.

I hope for a good reaction from the receivers of the postcards. I also hope for new friendships. I am excited to have 11 new people share creativity with. I also hope that this swap is a new beginning, again, for a talent that has laid dormant for too many years.

I'm a little happy inside just thinking about it!
You wanna be happy too? Why not make a post card of your own and send it out to someone. Make their day! Everyone loves mail. Everyone enjoys art. It's a win win situation! Mail and you!
To view the photos from both the 2006 Ornament Swap and also the 2007 Post Card Swap. click away! Both Flickr! pages also have a good view of some of my favorite photos and other art work.

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Lisa M. said...

HOW neat-

I just love ya to your toenails. (Even if you are a flamin libral.) *smirk*

Adán said...

What a cool idea! Awesome painting turned into an awesome project. Needless to say: it rocks!

s'mee said...

Sista are awesome, thanks! Now go hug a tree.

Adan, you are swiftly becoming my favorite nephew...if for no other reason than that you comment on my blog!!! THANKS!!!! And thanks for the compliment, it means a lot to me!

Sally said...

This is nigh unto my magnum opus! I am rahther impressed.

Maren said...

It is a beautiful painting. My mother paints too and this reminds me of her.

Adán said...

You and your sis are going to give me a big head.

s'mee said...

Sally, Maren and (of course) Adan,

Thanks so much. Sal, I am not sure this equals your "opus", that was pretty imaginative and turned out so cool I think you should enter it in Ikea Hack.

Maren I have seen your art and if talent runs through the family, well, your mother's paintings must be wonderful!

Adan, I am sure you will stay well porportioned. If not, sendme a new hat size and we'll fix ya right up.

Maren said...

My mother is the well from which all the artistic side of my family spring. She is beyond amazing. I am the least among my talented sisters. They are published and really quite spectacular. I just like to dabble. I do what keeps me happy and then move on to something else. That seems to be my thing.

s'mee said...

Maren, you sound much like me (or I like you?). Both of my sisters are extremely gifted and I seem to dabble in whatever they do! I have fun and try to keep up! Thanks and sorry it took so long to reply!

Meg said...

Just wanted to jump on your blog to tell you that my piece of your beautiful painting has arrived and has an honored spot in my office/studio on my inspiration board. Many thanks for sending such a lovely gift of yourself.
peace and warmest wishes to you
Meg (from the postcard swap!)