Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I just got taken for a ride...

Again, details make all the difference. Here are some of my favorite views.

The controversial golden orbed spire that stands at the entrance to Tomorrow Land. There are camps on both sides that feel strongly about this structure.

For me, it's there. I see the points both camps make, but admittedly, I like the teal blue, azure blue, burnt orange, and that gold all put together.

I wish there was more animation, that the orbs spun more, that there was more to invite the guest further into the depth of the land rather than pretty much blocking the view. But as my Brother in law sat there, watching the lines wind there way around their way to the front, he began to notice the zodiac signs, the planet symbols, the gyroscopic design and enjoyed the wait.

It works. Not as well as Walt or Roy would have had it, but it works.

This hippo just makes me want to yawn.
A whole new world! I love the scenery around the Aladdin Oasis. Once, a very long time ago, a very special friend of mine treated 5 of her best girl friends to a day at Disneyland and also paid for us to see the dinner show here. It was a great show, the food was terrific, and the dessert back then was fabulous. A real sized Genie's lamp, made of chocolate, filled with mousse and whipped cream. It was so rich it came with it's own special box to take the lamp home in. They know you can't eat it all in one sitting!

It was very expensive, but in the long run, for the memory it it gave me - us, and for the show itself and the was worth it; and I hope someday I can treat five of my friends as well.
Grab a soda, a box of popcorn, and just sit back and listen to some New Orleans Jazz while you watch this fountain bubble. Really pretty, just sitting there in the patio area of the New Orleans train station.

Like I said, one of my favorite rides, the Jungle Cruise! This is the last view you'll get before they ask you to GET OFF THE BOAT!

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Maren said...

It does look magical. Thanks for taking us inside. I liked the comment about you having some ownership of Disney. Seems very true.

Lisa M. said...

Can I confess? I've not been since.. um.. about forever. Not enough to even say I have ever even been.

I've loved these views.

Rynell said...

I've been to Disneyland once.
Now I'm feeling reminiscent and sorry I missed so many cool details.

Thanks for the pictures!

s'mee said...

Maren and Lisa -your comments make my day! ( I love me some comments! lol)

I also love me some Disneyland. I am way too old to like it the way I do, but it still makes me happy to just walk around and people watch. I can't help it. Normally I am four square against commercialism and buying it and into it, but I still love the park. (Gush)

Thanks again.