Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Strictly Ornamental

This is where Disney stood out from all the other "amusement parks" of his day, and even into the current day; and what made him famous. Attention to detail. Nobody does it better.

Without these details, however, the fantasy aspect of the park would be the same level as any other park in Southern California.

I found some pieces of the "set" that are strictly used as exclamation points or to frame the main event; but not take away from the total effect or steal all the attention and become the star. Minor players that grab you in gently and begin to tell you the story of the attraction.

Sadly, literally thousands of guest each day walk on or past these details and miss their beauty. They are tucked into corners, paved into paths, crowning entryways, framing gates, and focusing your eyes continually into a new adventure.

However Disney does not have the only artisans around. Next time you are out and about in your town take time to see what the local craftsman have done to make the ordinary stand out. Whether it is the art deco colour scheme on the oldest department store in town or the new cement detailing on the underpass or bridge, catch the beauty in the overlooked. Notice how the feel of seeing these details adds to your enjoyment of the surroundings.

Ornamentation. It's a good thing.

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chronicler said...

Neat! I lov ethe way you "see" things.

s'mee said...

Thanks! (as I humbly bow before the master)

Lisa M. said...

I'm not sure where my comments are. I left a long dialog yesterday- Several of them are missing, I'm not sure why-

I agree with Chronicler.

I too love the way you see things. I loved your color schemed entries and all the details that most people miss.

I like to think that i see them, but... I think there is a lot I miss. Daily coming and goings through out my small town, chalk up, almost wallpaper type feelings, where you see them all the time, but don't really look at them.

I love coming to your spot. It's always calm-

I'm so darn glad to be home-

s'mee said...

Lisa! Thanks, your opinion means a lot to me. In the words of one of Toon Town's greatest: "Gorsh!"

Rynell said...

I love all your attention to detail!

s'mee said...

Rynell, you're awesome! Thanks!

Sarah said...

I have to admit, when I go to Disney all I see are the lines! Next time I go I'm going to try and find that first picture you posted - it's really beautiful!

s'mee said...

Sarah, on the gate that surrounds the rockets in tomorrow land. : >