Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mt. Whitney in fabric

Last week Thor and I spent 3 days in Mammoth with our eldest son and his lovely wife. The two girls and two of their friends also joined us. We had a wonderful time hiking, fishing (no one caught a thing, but we still had fun trying!), and generally seeing all the beauty that is in the Eastern Sierras.

On our way home we stopped off at our favorite "rest stop" (read: nice bathrooms!), which also happens to be the museum for the highest point in the "lower 48" or continuous United States, Mount Whitney; and the turn off to Death Valley from the 395...yikes.

We enjoy walking though the museum each time we are in the area. It's fairly new, and each time we stop there is something new to learn, look at and explore. This time, in addition to the new info on the surrounding area there was a quilt display. Oh my heck! These quilts were fabulous and my photography of them does them little justice.

Charlotte Freeman did a fantastic job creating this piece of true artwork! Titled, "Mount Whitney - Guardian of the Range of Light" she has actually caught the details of the mountain range with her choices of fabric and colours. Check out the sky! Did you noticed the bark on the trees? There is dimension in her quilt as well. Those California poppies in the bottom actually pop out of the quilt. Their petals are only attached at the center of the flower. Gorgeous!

For those unclear of exactly how to determine which peak is Mt. Whitney this is an easy way to see it. From Charlotte's quilt on the top left you can see a small mound and moving right there is a slightly flat "M" shaped peak. That flat "M" is Thor Peak. (why do I know that?) Next to Thor Peak on the right is a sharp peak that has been cleft significantly, after that on the right is the slightly taller Mt. Whitney. I am still, even now looking at the quilt, amazed at Charlotte's choice of colours and how well she has captured the range and it's beauty.

Again, one of those really cool surprises that seem to just pop out at the least expected places. I love California!

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