Sunday, August 19, 2007

Images from Bodie

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chronicler said...

OoooooOOOOOOooooaahhhhhh! I love this! I would call it "openings".
Very nice photos!

chronicler said...

actually that is the title of the last one this one seems to want to be called "contained".

Maren said...

These photos are awesome. Very neat. It reminds me of my incredibly rustic and artistic sister and her husband. I explored a ghost town with her years ago.

Sally said...

I love these! What a creepy place to visit. I felt like I could almost see ghosts in the pictures. The doorknobs intrigue me, and the window with the torn curtains is really cool.

Geek+Nerd said...

s'mee! you are SO nice! your opus of a comment made my day - whatta sweetie you are! i'm glad that my blog can make you smile :) *warm fuzzies* sarah

Maren said...

I don't know if you get notified of comments left on older posts. I replied to one of your comments on your August 15 post (in case you haven't seen it).

s'mee said...

Boy! You check out for a day and you get mail! WOOOHOOO!

Chronicler...this is why you have the brains. I didn't even see the thread in these photos, I mean yeah, I deep like that and it's cool you found the theme.

Maren, does your sister have a web site that we could visit? She sounds fun! And I am way sorry about the lack of responce (corrected now). Gee whiz I don't know how I missed that! Thanks for always being a great friend.

Sal, I agree. During the day it is SO BRIGHT out there you end up looking like ROy Rogers with those squinty eyes of his. But I imagine it gets realllllly creepy at a certain time of day. Long shadows and all. Some of the houses are completely destroyed while others lok as if they just walked away from them one day and said, "ENOUGH!" It's a good day trip if you're ever in the area...bring lot's of water along with you as you explore, it's bigger than it looks. And snackies, just because it will make all the other tourists jealous. : >

Sarah!!!! (gushing!) Hey everyone Sarah is here! If you have never been over to the side bar and clicked on Geek+Nerd, GO! NOW! SHe is like the BEST next door neighbor/girlfriend. Trust me when I say you will fall in love with her sweet blog. Thanks for stopping by Sarah!!!

Lisa M. said...

This would freak me out on so many levels.

Trust me-


Love, the photo's too-

Wouldn't go there for a minute!

s'mee said...

Lisa, this place just looks OLD during the BRIGHT day. Spread out old buildings in various stages of decay. Not too scary with all the tourists walking around. You being a history buff, I think, would acutally really really enjoy it all.

If you are ever in the Eastern Sierras you need to check it out.

Maren said...

You didn't miss my comment--I hleft it a few days ago, WAY late and that is why I mentioned it here. I am trying to get better at the conversational aspect of commenting. I love how you and chronicler chat back and forth in your comments and I want to start doing the same thing--or at least respond to people's comments on my blog more than I used to.

My sister Tory and her husband, Norman are some of the most artistic neat people that I know. They are both published artists and just plain fun to be around. Norman is an art professor and Tory just started teaching at the same university too. They work together on their books. Their blog is found here . Norman is the one who keeps the blog up. He is fun to read and he posts pictures. Some of their illustrations can be found on their agents website here
I'm new at html--so I'll leave this comment and see if the links actually work.

s'mee said...

o.k. Maren, I am hearing twilight zone music in my head. I checked out the links and Graphotypy is on my private blog roll! I must click on that site everyday. I have been following them all summer them!
Small world eh?

I wish more folks would comment like this and yes, as in a makes it so much more like "real" friends!

See you at the top post! : >

Maren said...

That is bizarre. Love that. Small world indeed.