Monday, August 27, 2007

While the chocolate is still wet, add the flat side of the kiss to the cherry and make a mouse "head".
Slip two slivered almonds into the wet chocolate between the kiss and the cherry making mouse "ears". You can also use a peanut half. If you choose to use peanuts, place the peanut with the flat side towards the front of the mouse, rounded part to the back.
Using a toothpick add two tiny drops of wet chocolate to the kiss where you want "eyes".
Add the white nonpareils to the wet chocolate drops and there you go! Isn't he cute? Allow them to set on the counter (during the late fall this is actually possible!) or slide them carefully into the fridge to set. Carefully peel them from the parchment paper and give them to the sweet people in your life!

*"Stake" In our church there are 9-12 or so congregations in a regional area, we call this region a "Stake" as in the "stake" that secured the temple tent to the ground in the Old Testament. Each congregation has approximately 600-900 people.

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chronicler said...

I love these cuties!

Rynell said...

These are adorable!

s'mee said...

they're good for bribing/cheering an unruly in-law!

Thanks ladies!

Lisa M. said...

Holy crap? Where have I been. I swear, I check every day (or three or four times a day)-

I'm slackin I guess.

Holy dang cute.

s'mee said...

Lisa, lol, yeah I do the same thing with you and then wham! five posts and I feel like I am the 23 commenter.

These not only are cute and easy, but fun to eat. You have to grab them by their little tails and bite their heads off, then finish off their body, which gives a nice "squish-crunch" effect. yum.

Geek+Nerd said...

These are sooooooo cute! Cherry+chocolate, yum yum yum!

kati hall said...

This is so cute! My little boy will love these. I plan on making these for my Christmas party. Also would it be alright to share this on my blog?