Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sisters! I tell ya. Dear ol' Food Chronicler tagged me as a (get this!) "Thinking Blogger"! hah! o.k. So now I am supposed to define this somehow, give you an example of my mental prowess, and tag a few more blogs that I think think. (aren't you glad you checked in today???)

Defining "thinking blog". Well for me there are more thinkers out there than you can hit whilst swinging a cat; it's the groups I suppose that are being defined. For me anyone who gets me to think qualifies. This can be uber serious blogs that are all news -all the time (insert a very serious non-smiling face), a crafter who always amazes me with their technique, an artist who encourages and motivates each time I to their site, a Spiritual insight that inspires me to change and ponder, or someone who has amazing abilities with humor. All these blogs are more to me than just sitting down and, let's say, show off travel photos. I have had a few glimpses of grey matter, but usually I am just the "hey this is my life" type of posts.

Today I give you "manners". First, because they are more enforced by mothers than any other group I can think of, shouldn't they be called mommers? It's like cookies. Shouldn't they be called bakies? Now "sandals" - they're aptly named. But I digress. I was going to give a long dialog on the lack of manners and its effect on modern society and the decline thereof. Instead I shall praise those who make me think on a daily basis.

Mark- What a guy! He writes only things from his heart. Whether the subject be his wife, children or music, his words are thought provoking, always.

Chookooloonks This wonder woman thrills me everyday and encourages me to go out and take a risk with my camera. She captures her everyday life within the frames of her camera and shares just one photo a day with us...any more and we would get the visual equivalent of a diabetic coma.

Danny, My hero. Fearless motivator of artists everywhere. He not only analyzes his own work, but praises the work of those who submit theirs to him...generous tutor extraordinaire!

The Blog Fathers - Want to hear the male version of the mommy blogs? Here you will find a keen insight into a group of really awesome and dedicated dads. I look forward to this group daily.

Lisa - My friend. "Just a mom" she would say. However, I beg to differ. I read with interest her dealings with the government, hospitals, and other agencies and the bureaucracy that accompanies her daily life as a mom with a mission.

Mary - Inspiring and edifying, she writes with a deep desire to understand the holier things of this world. She makes me long for things that are eternal; and she asks good questions.

Sarah - Anyone who can write humour on a daily basis is a genius in my book. Think it's easy to be funny? Try it. Sarah has decided to go through life as a shadow of Erma Bombeck, a type of Lucille Ball, and prove that Mormon women can be religious and still have a sense of humour.

Robert -I know he must be a geometry major at heart. No one can fold a piece of paper like this man...and I am hooked! He is the kind of artist that makes you think "hey, I should try this!" then second guess yourself over and over...but eventually you give in and give it a try.

not the famous John Watson... -just the John Watson behind all kinds of software toys and tools, the fabulous photographer and the guy who writes about his wife and kids with such great joy.

Keiron -gets my vote for most positive blogger...ever. Sporatic posts that are worth the wait. Keiron chats about his life since losing his arm in a tragic birthday accident...and he always has a happy ending.

So there you go folks...the folks who make me think and ponder and wonder and move to action, and then laugh out loud. Some of them are my friends, the others wouldn't know me from any other lurker on their blog. Well, until tomorrow, when I write them and gush on how I chose them as Thinking Bloggers!

(o.k. can add the "thinking blogger" doohickey to the side bar now!)

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chronicler said...

what a list! see I told you, you were a thinking blogger!

Lisa M. said...

ME? ME? *curtsy*

I'm not a thinker- I'm just a Mom.


Thank you my dear-

Kim said...

Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.