Monday, April 30, 2007

full nest,empty nest

Morty and Helen finished building their nest and seemed determined to stay put although the traffic was heavy. They had four little eggs, and chirped and sang all day long. Then as suddenly as they appeared, and as Adan forewarned, they disappeared.
I came home after being gone only a half an hour or so, and there on the porch was the fallen nest and the four little eggs, broken along with my heart. I can hear Helen and Morty off in the trees mourning their loss. But hopefully they will come back again someday.
On the flip side, our interior nest is full! #5 is home for a few weeks to go through some medical tests and take a very short break before going back to the BY-U. She brought home everything she owns because she is making another move when she returns for Spring/Summer. Our house has clothes, shoes, baggage and a ton of books everywhere! The poor thing is sleeping on the couch and making herself at home with no privacy. But she is sweet about it. She has made a couple of temple trips and a couple of thrift store trips for new skirts. She found some very good deals! Shopping with her sister, beach trip with friends and hanging out with family for two weeks is sure to do her good!
We have had a good visit, but I am sad because I am leaving for Utah tomorrow and she is staying to finish up some more doctor visits and tests.
If anyone is at Women's Conference say "hello!", I'll be one of the 20,000 women walking the campus! I hope to find time to blog a bit, but if not I will when I be home this Saturday.

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Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

Kim Carney said...

poor Morty and Helen. I think that is exactly how I use to move home ') I hope everything is ok. Have fun at your conference.

melissa c said...

I wish I would have gone to women conference!
Maybe next year

It sounds like your house is a little crazy! I love it when everyone is home

Lisa M. said...

I wish I would have known! WE could have done lunch- *Grin*

Jewel said...

I love womans confrence. It has been quite a long time since I have gone though.

I hope you have a good time. have a fantastic week.

Sarah said...

I'm glad having your nest full takes away a little of the sting of broken eggs. Can you imagine if our little ones were that vulnerable? After giving birth to two babies I'm convinced they are indestructible. Any baby who can survive the insane process of childbirth can probably handle a few nicks and bumps every now and then.